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Pure coffee powder


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Pure coffee powder is one of the many products of the adivasis of the Gudalur valley in the Nilgiri Hills, Tamilnadu.
As recent entrants into a market economy, the adivasis are often short-changed and exploited in a variety of ways. The Adivasi Munnetra Sangam, an organisation representing over 3000 families, set up FIRST PEOPLE – as an umbrella brand to market all their products through their producer company Just Change. FIRST PEOPLE, has now launched the coffee gatherer, to market the coffee grown by very small and marginal farmers. This coffee is grown and gathered through gentle, natural processes in keeping with the adivasi ethos of taking from nature only what nature is willing to give. They don’t poison the earth with chemicals just for a few dollars more – its coffee as you like it. Straight from the earth, grown with care, and brought straight to you. All profits go directly to the adivasi farmers.

A sip of this coffee is a sip for social change – it’s solidarity with the coffee gatherers.

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250gm, 100gm

Vegetarian Product


Shelf Life

180 days


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