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Study Proves Kerala Matta Rice Is 70% More Healthy Than White Rice (7 Amazing facts)

India is famous for its cultivation of variety of rice and Kerala is no exception. While Kerala has several delicacies in its cuisine, Kerala Matta Rice enhances the list. Kerala matta Rice, also known as Rosematta rice has bold grains and is grown in the fields of Palakkad district of Kerala. It is mostly consumed in Kerala and Karnataka. Sri Lanka also uses Kerala Matta Rice as idlies , plain rice and other food items. It is traditionally double-cooked as it has a lengthy cooking time and requires addition of extra water. Consumption of Kerala Matta Rice proves to be healthy for the body as compared to the other variety of rice. Along with its unique taste, Kerala Matta Rice is believed to have several health benefits over white rice. Below here, I provide you 7 facts to add this variety of rice in your diet.

kerala matta rice

1.Prevents Obesity:

It contains very less amount of calories compared to white rice. While Kerala Matta Rice has 150 calories, white rice contains calories upto 200. It turns out to be the ideal food item which does not makes you gain weight. It does not have any amount of fat and hence proves to be beneficial in preventing and controlling obesity. White rice is rich in fats which makes it the last option for obese people.

2. Improves Digestion :

While you will find several food item screwing up your digestive system, we bring to you something that will not. Kerala Matta Rice is very healthy for the body as it improves digestion and prevents related disorders. It contains fibres which controls digestive disorders like gas, indigestion, etc. Matta Rice helps in easy bowel movement and prevents constipation as well.

3.Controls Cholesterol Level:

Too much of cholesterol in body leads to the formation of fatty deposits in arteries, leading to heart diseases and stroke. Cholesterol can be controlled by eating Kerala Matta Rice on a daily basis. It is rich in nutrient monacolin A, which decreases cholesterol level in the body. It is very useful for cholesterol patients.

kerala matta rice

4. Prevents Diabetes:

Another important benefits of Kerala Matta Rice is its ability to prevent diabetes. While diabetes is taking up the world today by affecting a major population, consuming Matta rice can be very useful. Matta rice helps in preventing insulin resistance and increases glucose uptake. Instead of taking up regular white rice, people should include this in their diet to lead a diabetic free life. You can buy authentic Kerala Matta Rice, fresh from the fields of Palakkad from The South Indian Store. Just click on the ‘buy now’ link below and place the order as per your needs. We deliver for free across the country.

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5. Prevents Deficiency Of Vitamins:

Other than its unique taste, the bold grains of Kerala Matta Rice are very rich in vitamins. It contains high amount of various types of vitamins, which prevents several deficiency diseases. It has vitamin A and B – vitamin A is important for normal vision, immune system and reproduction whereas vitamin B is essential to keep the body energized through out the day. It is also rich in vitamin B6 which produces serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the body.

6. Kerala Matta Rice – Rich Source Of Calcium And Zinc

Matta rice is very rich in calcium as compared to white rice. It helps to the keep the teeth and bones healthy as it is a source of calcium. Presence of calcium prevents several bone diseases and teeth related problems. Matta Rice also contains zinc which helps in healing of wounds. Consuming Matta Rice over white rice helps to heal the wounds and cuts faster.

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7. Keeps The Heart Healthy:

With increasing risks of heart diseases, it has become very crucial for us to decide what to eat and what to not. Presence of low content of fats and cholesterol, makes Kerala Matta Rice a healthy choice. It helps to prevent clogging of arteries and thereby reduce the risk of several heart related disorders. It is very healthy for heart patients.

Now that we gave you all important health benefits of Kerala Matta Rice, remove white rice from your meals right away. Include this amazing variety of rice in your diet and enjoy its benefits. Boil it, cook it, steam it , eat it the way you like, buy Kerala Matta Rice now and lead a happy and healthy life. Tell us below in the comment section, how you chose to savour this rice.

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Why Karupatti is 75% better than table sugar? (4 kitchen hacks)

All this while, you were cribbing about how sugar adds too much of calorie to your body in one go. This is the time to bid farewell to your usual sugar and welcome a new magical sweetener to your kitchen shelf. Yes! We are talking about jaggery, but not the usual one again. In this blog, we will be discussing about Karupatti and how you can use it for your health benefits. Ready? Give it a read and share your experience with Karupatti!


How is Karupatti prepared?

You would love to know the intricate processes which are involved in making of Karupatti. It takes a lot of effort and manpower to bring out the best version of Karupatti. It may seem really convenient to buy Karupatti online but you must know how much of sweat and dedication goes into it.

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First of all, an expert palm tree climber collects the Padani or the juice from the tree, which is the most important raw material. And, this is done on daily basis! Can you imagine the workload? The collected juice is filtered to make it free from any external impurities and then it is boiled for more than 2 hours.

The syrup is constantly stirred and converted into a thick viscous fluid. It is good if the process is carried out under the heat of the sun. Well, good for the quality of Karupatti but tiresome for the one who prepares it. The syrup should reach caramel consistency so that it hardens on cooling.

Ultimately, it is poured into a semi-spherical shaped container, preferably coconut shells. And it acquires that shape. The colour may vary depending upon the nature of Padani collected. Some are naturally yellow, and some turn into dark brown, i.e. the usual colour.


How much Karupatti should one consume?

This is the point where people make mistake and then complain that ingredient is not effective. We would like to mention here very clearly that, when you use a natural ingredient for the remedial purpose, you must be strict with quantities. No matter whether it tastes good or bad; it should be consumed as medicine only.

buy palm jaggery online

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As far as Karupatti is concerned, one must not consume more than 25 to 30 grams, if you are using it for medication. You can consume it as a tea, syrup, or in any prescribed form. But make sure you don’t tamper with the quantity because beyond a certain level, it won’t produce the desired effects.


Easy and healthy recipes with Karupatti

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For diabetes

As you know, diabetes is not at all a dangerous health issue, if taken care of properly. One can very well control it by adopting healthy living habits and choosing your food properly. Karupatti is one such ingredient which can help you fulfill your cravings for sweet alongside maintaining the blood sugar level.

Coming back to cure, all you have to do is replace sugar with jaggery. In sweets like halwa, payasam, and rasgulla, you can add palm jaggery syrup and relish the sweets in same way. Karupatti has a different smell, which may not be liked by everyone. But if you want to control your diabetic symptoms and side effects, you must stop the sugar intake completely.

Apart from this you can continue to take other food items which are a part of your natural remedy.

For weight loss

This is something which everyone wants to know! And yes, you can actually reduce your weight and balance the metabolism with the help of palm jaggery. Karupatti gets absorbed in the body properly and also helps in retaining water content of the cell.

Also, it has heat content which provides energy to work and burn calories easily. You can simply prepare sweet candy at home using peanut and Karupatti. Peanut butter is already a healthy supplement for butter which feeds your body with good cholesterol. When combined with Karupatti, it is not only tasty but also very healthy.

Just make viscous syrup, roast peanuts, spread them on a plate and pour the caramel-like consistency of Karupatti syrup. Consume it as snacks in the evening or along with your breakfast.

For cold, cough, and influenza

We Indians have this talent of making tea out of any ingredient available to us. And it is extremely satisfying that it has some benefit hidden in it. And in that case, how can Karupatti not have a tea version of it.

It is just like how you prepare green tea from herbs. You have to boil it with water and few beneficial spices which can provide heat to your body and relieve you from cold, cough, and influenza. You can add cardamom, ginger, bay leaf, or clove. But don’t add all these ingredients together or plenty of it in the tea.


In case of cold and cough, it is not advisable to add milk to it because it causes the dry cough. But, on normal days you can very well pour some milk and sip it like a normal tea on a cold day. Even diabetes patients can replace their usual tea or coffee with this beverage.

For stomach pain in infants

You can just add 10 grams of Karupatti in a glass of water and boil it until it gets dissolved. Filter it if you find any physical impurities in it and give it to the infant whenever they need water. This will have a sweet taste and it will relieve the intestinal cramps in a baby.


So after this huge shower of knowledge, you might want to get some palm jaggery for yourself and try out these recipes. But, we would suggest you stick to the healthy eating habits and don’t break your resolution too soon. You can buy Karupatti online and keep a stock of it at your home. The benefits of palm jaggery are evident in the above-mentioned facts. Therefore, let us take a pledge to spread the word to maximum people possible and let them know about the benefits of Karupatti.

Also, share your experience with us, and let us know if there is any other wonderful recipe for Karupatti that is healthy. We are waiting!

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