5 amazing facts about jackfruit chips that will keep you up at night

jackfruit chips

Jackfruit chips made out of the famous jack (I mean jackfruit) is as healthy and tasty as banana chips or any other healthy snack you can think of. Here are some amazing facts about jackfruit chips that would help you chose the right snack for your coffee.

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An awesome source of energy to fuel up your body

jackfruit chips

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Jackfruit is a rich source of carbohydrates and sugars that would give you a quick shot of energy. For all those who are concerned about diabetes can have this snack without any fear. In short, If you are starving for some good source of energy and have the delight of eating a snack, then just go for Jackfruit chips.

Maintains your immune system

jackfruit chips healthy

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Jackfruit chips contains vitamin C and is a great antioxidant. Antioxidants are required to boost up the body’s immune system. So, next time you have a handful of jackfruit chips with your tea / coffee, just be relaxed because you are actually building up your immune system while enjoying your evening snack.

Good for your heart

jackfruit chips healthy heart

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If you are more concerned about your little pump that keeps your body alive (I mean heart), then Jackfruit chips are the best ones to go for when you consider having some snacks. Jackfruit chips are good source of Potassium and potassium is required by our body for the proper functioning of the muscles including your heart muscles. So, jackfruit chips helps in meeting the potassium requirements of the body and hence helps reduce the risk of heart strokes and attacks.

Helps in improving digestion

jackfruit chips healthy digestion

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Yes, you heard it right. Jackfruit chips are very good source of fibre required by human body for digestion. So, more the fibre, better the digestion. Finally a snack that feeds your stomach and keeps it healthy and active 🙂

Having skin problems? Try jackfruit chips

jackfruit chips healthy skin

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Increasing pollution is making our skin age faster. Ageing is also controlled by naturally produced free radicals inside our body. It has been scientifically proved that antioxidants produced by snacks like Jackfruit chips helps in destroying the free radicals and helps in slowing down the ageing process. So, please eat jackfruit chips if you want to look younger 🙂

Hope the above information helps you make an informed decision while selecting your evening snack next time. Eat healthy and stay fit. Visit The South Indian Store (http://southindianstore.com/) and select from a wide range of healthy and tasty snacks.

Here is a infographic that summarizes the top 5 health benefits of Jackfruit.



Want to make jackfruit chips at home? Here is a quick recipe by cheenachatti.com.

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