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How Kudampuli for weight loss make home remedies a better option?


Are you the one who secretly wants to have body transformation like Bollywood actors and actresses? You would love to know that the ingredient they used is easily accessible to you too. Yes, don’t be surprised because be it Kareena Kapoor or Sonakshi Sinha, Kudampuli for weight loss has been an ultimate choice for curbing the extra fat from their body. And you can see how efficiently it has proved to be useful.

And you don’t have to worry about its how and why! Move ahead with this blog to know how Kudampuli for weight loss is used. But before you blindly assume something, we would like to recommend that alongside using kudampuli, you should also take care of your diet. Along with that you can do some physical exercise or activity of your choice regularly. So, let’s get started!

And wait till the end for some mind blowing facts about Kudampuli for weight loss! We promise you won’t regret!


The mechanism behind Kudampuli for weight loss

This is one of the most loved spices from the southern part of Indian subcontinent. And to your surprise, it has become famous for one of the major weight loss hacks found till date.  There is no rocket science behind using Kudampuli for weight loss.

In 2004, scientific studies found that Kudampuli extract had some link with reduction of body weight. There was some positive effect that Kudampuli left on basic metabolic rate of body, cholesterol level, and appetite.

Finally, researchers found that one magical component because of which we can easily use Kudampuli for weight loss. It is hydroxycitric acid which is the major component responsible for burning unwanted fat in your body.

kudampuli for weight loss

In its purest form, Kudampuli has HCA present in concentrated amount and it is mostly found in the rind of Kudampuli. There are two major steps involved in using Kudampuli for weight loss.

  • First of all, it prevents accumulation or storage of fat
  • Then it minimizes the appetite to optimum level so that you don’t stuff yourself

There is an enzyme in our liver which converts extra carbohydrates into fats and this is responsible for adding excess unhealthy to your normal body. HCA present in Kudampuli inhibits this enzyme and burns out the carbohydrate which is changes into energy form for general utilization while doing any sort of work. Not only this, even the levels of low density lipids (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides reduce to optimum level and in some cases it completely disappears.


Kudampuli for weight loss – A magical mechanism in your body that you didn’t know!

Serotonin is your feel good hormone!

Did you know that when you hug someone, you feel like hugging more because levels of serotonin gradually increase? This is how affection between two people works! Amazing, isn’t it?

Raise your hands if you don’t feel hungry when you are too happy or positively overwhelmed. It happens with all of us, that we forget our food when we are too happy with what we are doing or experiencing. This way, serotonin is indirectly responsible for reducing your appetite. Are you getting hints on how is Kudampuli for weight loss useful?

kudampuli juice

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Yes, Kudampuli increases the level of serotonin and your appetite remains under control. Usually, excess of eating is due to stressful situation and we call it as binge eating. Isn’t it great that you feel less stressful and also your weight is under check? This is one of the loveliest mechanisms of weight reduction we have ever come across.

Few extra bits in numbers, in case you don’t believe:-

  • It reduces the body weight by 5.4% when observed after few weeks of consumption of Kudampuli for weight loss. On an average it reduces 14 lbs as compared to 6.1 lbs through other dietary supplements for weight loss purposes.
  • It also reduces basic metabolic rate by 5.2% which helps in controlling the addition of excess weight to your body.


Consumption of Kudampuli for weight loss

If you are to looking for strict dosage, then clinically it is healthy to consume 1.5 Grams of Kudampuli or Kudampuli extract on daily basis.

For better results, if you try adding more of potassium and calcium in your diet, then it will help in absorption of Kudampuli.  You can consider eating a banana which is rich in potassium or green vegetables which have ample amount of calcium in it.

kudampuli juice for weight loss

There are certain capsules of Kudampuli for weight loss purposes. These are chemical supplements which contain certain additives about which we have no idea. It is always good to remain on the healthier side of diet rather than adapting something about which you are not sure. We would suggest you to buy pure Kudampuli for weight loss and prepare the solution at your home by yourself.

Buy pure Kudampuli

If you need to know about the recipe, we have a list of some recipes including juice of Kudampuli for weight loss which you can read here. Apart from weight loss properties, Kudampuli is a spice which has extremely rich and soothing flavour and takes your dish to completely another level.

4 Delicious and healthy Kudampuli recipes you must cook!

We love spreading the idea of balanced diet, so it would be amazing if you used Kudampuli for weight loss in a significantly balanced manner. There are a lot more facts which you would love to know about Kudampuli apart from its fat burning properties.

Awesome facts you didn’t know about Kudampuli

Thus, from now on, you need to stop cribbing about those extra curves in your body. Also, it is advisable to stay away from supplements and chemicals which have side effects. It’s okay to go for a slow remedy which keeps you healthy, rather than choosing a faster one with side effects. Stay healthy and we would love to hear your feedback about this.


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Plan your summer food habit with taste – 7 Amazing diet ideas and much more!

summer food

Summer is right on the doorstep! What do you feel? It will be full of bright yellow mangoes dipped in fresh water and kids chirping around in balcony! Now come back to reality because nowadays, summer is all about taking extra care of your skin, digestive system, and body. We will tell you how you can plan your summer food habits without compromising with your taste.

 Why is it important to watch your food in summer?

Dieting is not just about curbing the fat content to lose weight. You can do dieting for improving your immunity, digestion, removing toxins, etc. Talking about summer food, you must clearly know about it. Many people have this false belief that we must eat well in summer because it’s too hot and hence, the body needs more energy. It’s not what you eat. It all depends on how well you drink, healthy fluid of course.

summer food

You lose more fluid than you consume. Different parts of India have different types of summer. While summer in southern part has lot of humidity, Rajasthan summer is scorching heat which can make you faint within 10 minutes. Similarly, summer in northern belt is tricky. You won’t know that it is affecting you and you will be bed ridden with heat stroke all of a sudden. Your metabolism faces a change and you must plan your summer food accordingly.

The basic rule of summer food

One simple rule is to remain hydrated! And we are not pointing out to your water bottles. There are many ways to stay hydrated apart from drinking water. You can have fruits or salads which have loads of water content in them. It could be water melon, musk melon, cucumber, lettuce, or anything.

This summer, adapt one good summer food habit by consuming lots of water. It could be in any form.

Quick summer food recipes

In order to help you with your summer food habits, here is a quick guide on how you can eat healthy as well as tasty food. Have a look and don’t forget to share your summer hacks with us.

P.S. Don’t look for exact quantities of ingredients because we believe in following our heart! You like extra lemons, you put extra lemons!


Organic tea Popsicle

You might have heard of different types of organic tea. Now what you can do is, boil water and add your usual tea leaves along with some mint leaves, lemon zest, and honey or jaggery for sweetening. Allow it to cool down and add some more crushed mint leaves and lemon juice. Strain it and let it freeze in the form of popsicle. Or else you can consume it as you like.

Nungu Juice

This is an extremely healthy summer food or juice, which can beat the heat like magic. In south India, it is available in every corner of street when Agni Nakshatra hits the region. It is made out of the fleshy fruit from palm shells which has cloudy appearance and tastes like tender coconut water.

south indian summer recipes

Just boil it and add some honey along with lemon juice. Allow it to cool down and one of the best south Indian summer recipes is on your table. It tastes amazing and we have heard it from every person who has tried it.

Yoghurt dip with a twist

All this while, you either had a usual buttermilk or simply yoghurt with chopped onions. And it is obvious to get bored of it after a while because we are humans. Our taste buds need a change and uniqueness. We would suggest you to chop cucumber, tomato, onion, and carrots. Add it to yoghurt and mix it well. For some taste, you can add black salt and roasted cumin powder.

summer food for kids

Avoid chilli flakes or any other spice. Mix it well and you can have it with rice, chapatti, bread or dosa. You won’t ask for any other side dish once you have tasted this. Try it out and let us know!

Aam Panna/Rose lassi

Anyone who has been to northern part of India in summer season, will know how important is lassi and raw mango slush! All you have to do is pressure cook raw mango and add roasted cumin powder as per your taste. You can add mint leaves too, if you like the flavor. Also, we would suggest you to add jaggery instead of sugar because too much of carbs intake is heavy for your live during summer season. Mix it well and don’t worry if some pulps are floating. You don’t have to be perfect everytime!

summer food

And rose lassi is all about churning curd well with water and adding rooh afza syrup or gulkand into it! We bet, this will turn into your staple summer drink when heat is sucking all of your energy.

Fruit Popsicle

You of course know what we mean, don’t you? Cut fruits rich in water content and add some honey to them. Place it in ice cream mould and freeze! Be it water melon, banana, kiwi, or tender coconut. Mix all of them together and get started with your adventure.

Minty cutlet

This sounds interesting! A cutlet in summer without upsetting your stomach is not less than a dream. Take a bowl of left over simple cooked rice and add finely chopped mint leaves, grated carrot, and mash one boiled potato into it. Now make small cutlet cakes out of them and bake it without oil. This is one of the yummiest cutlets and you can trust us on that.

South Indian Snacks

The snacks from south India have least amount of spices and are loaded with nutrition. You can restock them before summer and munch a handful of them every evening. The best part about South Indian snacks is that your hunger will be eased without giving a sense of fullness. Isn’t that amazing? Buy south Indian snacks online and start and early bird preparation for summer.

Bonus summer food hacks that you need to remember!

  • Make a combination of coolants. Whenever you consume something, make sure it does not generate heat in your stomach.
  • Add curd to everything and anything. You want to eat spicy Kerala mixture, add some curd to it. You are craving for pickles, then mix it with curd and have it. Basically, curd can neutralize anything and make it healthy for summer. But, don’t add curd to everything! Watch your combination well before consuming.
  • Don’t eat acidic fruits in empty stomach. Banana is the safest diet for summer. Have one banana before and after food, and your digestion is 80% sorted.
  • Drink glucose water, sugarcane juice, or musk melon juice instead of normal water. These are way more effective than usual chilled water.
  • Reduce your diet because the digestion time is prolonged during summer. The best thing is to plan your summer food habits well before, so that you don’t have to make last minute arrangements. Execute your diet plan gradually as the temperature rises in your city or town.
  • Reduce the use of garlic, ginger, oils, chilli powder, and pepper to minimum.


We understand your excitement for summer, but you can’t avoid your health. Eat wisely and you will be able to enjoy every element of summer. Just keep in mind the theory of balance. Whatever you eat, it should be in a balanced quantity. Fruits, vegetables, drink, and beverages should be consumed nominally. Don’t let your cravings ruin your health in summer. Take care of your body because it comes first.

Share your idea of summer food habits with us and other readers! And, let us know if you would like to read something in particular from our blog. We will try to deliver our best!

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These 4 ways to celebrate Vishu and Tamil New Year is an eye-opener

The two important festivals of south India, Vishu and Tamil New Year are just a week away! People are busy deciding what to wear, how to celebrate, and what rituals to do this time. Of course, it is the start of new year and we all want it to be auspicious in every way. We make the best possible arrangements to please our deity, so that they shower blessings on our family throughout the year.

Let us shift our focus from this and find out why these festivals are so important!

Why Vishu and Tamil New Year important?

Talking about Vishu on first place, it is an important day to start the journey of next twelve months all over again. Children burst crackers, adults light candles, and offer loads of flowers and traditional food to our beloved Lord Vishnu.

Vishu greetings

Moreover, this is the harvest festival when farmers start ploughing the land. It is an auspicious day to welcome spring and pray to God for prosperity and good harvest in the specific year. People exchange Vishu greetings with their friends and relatives and wish them good luck for entire year.

On the other hand, Tamil New Year or Puthandu, is the new year of Tamilians. It is also, more or less, similar to Vishu. It marks the beginning of New Year and is celebrated not only in Tamilnadu but also in Sri Lanka. House is decorated, and specifically flowers and raw mangoes are offered to deity as they are symbols of growth and prosperity.

The Irony

Till now, we have only come across the bright and cheerful side of it. Did you ever think of that underprivileged section of society who does not get to celebrate Vishu and Tamil New Year in same way? We are so busy in cherishing our moments that we hardly think that someone out there is craving even the smallest joys of life.


Here, we won’t be telling you facts and listing out nutritional benefits of food. In this blog, we will show you the reality and how you can make things better around you. Are you ready to face it and take some effort? If yes, then please proceed with the blog.

The celebration of Vishu and Tamil New Year – Redefined!

Let us make it clear, this is not the usual, very happening celebration. It may not be a private party, and you will have to entertain few more people alongside your own family members.

Light faces along with crackers

You will burst cracker with your family and friends and you will enjoy to the core. But bringing a bright smile on someone’s face will take your happiness to another level. Don’t spend plenty of money. You just have to do the same rituals that you do at home, but with few more people outside your family. There is no other auspicious ritual than good karma. Invite the underprivileged children or adults and allow them to be a part of your celebration. If not many people, just ask your maid or domestic helper to stay and attend the ceremony. Wouldn’t it be nice if we become little bit kind with people around us?

Plan a surprise for those who hardly get one

We spend a lot of money to purchase gifts for our loved ones, sweets for our friends, and snacks for our children. Ever wondered about getting something for those who hardly celebrate Vishu and Tamil New Year? It is sad, that very few people are bothered about children in orphanage.

They have no parents to guide them about this festival and tell them stories. If not much, just distribute sweets or arrange a small ceremony at their place and enjoy it with them. Can you imagine the happiness they will get after seeing someone do so much for them?

Storytelling, because why not?

This could be a little extreme for you all, but honestly we must do it once in a while. If not Vishu, we must take up one festival that we celebrate and do this. Just make a small theatre like experience in a poor village and show small children the videos, movies, or documentaries related to the festival.

Isn’t it a good idea? Now you may say it is not practically possible all the time. We are not encouraging you to make it a regular habit. Just try it once, for your satisfaction, when you like doing something different from usual. It’s not a bad idea!

Welcome the New Year clean way

We have always been bragging about how much we love cleanliness around us. Keeping aside the national campaign, why can’t we take some effort on our own? Are you confused about our idea? Just go to a temple with your entire family members (only those who are willing), and clean it a day before Vishu or Tamil New Year.

Why celebrate it alone at your home in a confined place? Let everyone feel hygienic in spiritual environment because of your effort. Frankly, it will satisfy you more than chanting of mantras and doing meditation. Give it a try!


Therefore, after going through these points, it is quite clear that there is a need to change the perception. The only motive behind writing this bittersweet blog is to bring about betterment at personal level. All we think of is how to live a healthy life, how to use an ingredient, and how to take care of ourselves!


Our aim is not only make you physically tough but also mentally strong. Strong enough to bring these unique ideas to life and brighten up someone’s life, even if it is for a moment. Let us know what you have planned to do this Vishu or Tamil New Year. We wish you a very happy and prosperous Vishu as well as Tamil New Year.