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8 thoughts on “Vendor Dashboard

  1. The cofee powder is just average. for the price charged it is not worth!!!

  2. Good in taste.., must go for it, I have tasted many out of all this one is the purest ?

  3. I received Bananaflower pickel but the pickle in it was lemon you have to work on your QC.

  4. All items received are excellent , fresh and of good quality, except jackfruit chips. jack fruit chips are very much of substandard quality, very hard and brittle. I would like you to send me fresh crunchy chips free of cost for your mistake & carelessness. Please ensure that in future, you first check and ship the items. Please let me know your views and action.

    best regards

  5. Fantastic quality and service excellent

  6. Good One. Faster Delivery

  7. Lime pickle quality is really good.

  8. Quality products from South India

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