If you are residing outside of India and want to buy South Indian Snacks from our store, then please send us an email to our support email id – care@thesouthindianstore.com. We will make special arrangements to ensure that the items reach your doorsteps almost anywhere in the world within 5-6 business days. We assure you about the quality and authenticity of the products.

You can also send South Indian Snacks to your loved ones in India. Just send us an email with the following details to care@thesouthindianstore.com

  1. Your Full name and address along with ZIP code and country name.
  2. Your contact number with country code.
  3. Full name / address and contact number of the person residing in India (if you want to order for someone in India).
  4. The list of products / items you want to buy along with the quantity of each snacks / items.

Customizing your order

You can also ask for items that are currently not listed on our website. That means you can customize your order and add items that you would like to buy from South India but are not currently listed on our website. Once you provide us your wishlist, we will get back to you with the exact item’s price and total shipping charge.

International Payment

As of now, we support PayPal and direct bank transfer for international payments. We will be soon automating the whole process and our international customers will be able to buy products directly from the website and will be able to make payment there itself.


Although there is no minimum slab or limit for buying a snack from our store, we encourage our international customers to buy a minimum of 5 Kg snacks to keep the shipping charge as low as possible. The more you buy, the less you pay for shipping.

For any queries regarding International orders, please feel free and write to us ( care@thesouthindianstore.com ). Our customer care representatives will respond to your request within 24 hours. You can also use our contact form here to submit your query.

Happy shopping 🙂