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6 Yummy recipes with matcha green tea powder that every gym freak needs to know

matcha green tea recipe

Would you believe if I said that you can eat chocolates, cakes, cookies, ice-creams, and granola bars and also get rid of cancer, boost your immunity, and relieve your stress at the same time? Don’t smile because we are not kidding and you are not going to read anything that is just beating around the bush! We present you a simple ingredient called matcha green tea powder that can do wonders if you include it in your diet. It has unbelievable benefits and you will never regret including matcha green tea powder in your diet!

matcha green tea powder in India

Read about matcha green tea powder benefits

We all are aware of how matcha green tea powder is utilized to make health drinks and different types of flavoured green tea. Now, in order to relieve your food cravings while following a gym diet, we have found a sure shot solution that you can try at home by just bringing matcha green tea powder! So, without wasting any time, let’s get started with our wonderful recipe ideas!

Chocolate energy balls

This may appear like is it full of calories but this is actually not. In order to make this, you will need seedless dates, pure cocoa powder, matcha green tea powder, powdered almonds, and unsweetened almond milk. You need to mash dates with cocoa powder and crushed almonds. If needed to soften a little, you can add some unsweetened almond milk and mix it well along with matcha green tea powder. After it becomes a soft dough like consistency, you can make balls and freeze them. For some garnishing, you can add matcha green tea powder and sprinkle some powdered almonds too.

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This is full of protein and dry fruits which builds up your immunity and also enhances blood circulation. Dry fruits and almonds have natural sugar which does not add harmful carbohydrate to your body if you are trying to follow a gym diet. So, next time you get a chocolate craving in the middle of your workout, you know what to do, right?

Matcha oats pancake

This recipe can turn out to be very accomplishing breakfast as well as an amazing evening snacks too. All you need is ground oats, unsweetened almond milk, matcha green tea powder, and honey. You can mix all of it in batter consistency and add banana if you need it to be a little bit softer. If you are okay with eggs, you can also beat an egg and add to the mixture in order to make it fluffier. A little butter is needed over the heated pan and pour the batter. Cook it like pancake and flip it when needed.

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You can serve it in combination with fruits to relish the taste. Add some honey on top of it to make it sweeter, if you like it that way. This amazing pancake made of matcha green tea powder will turn out to be really fibrous morning breakfast. Some proteinaceous elements along with natural sweets will just take it no another level.

Matcha protein bars

Protein is the main component for people who are following gym diet. Having a cheat day brings all kinds of anxiety and you either leave it all at once or you simply eat everything. But that is not how a gym diet works, because everything has process. Whether you are giving up something or adopting, there is a process to be followed.

matcha green tea powder

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And here, we have protein bars made of matcha green tea powder that will easily provide you with taste and proteins at the same time. All you need is grated coconut, almond and walnut powder, honey, and few teaspoons of almond milk. You have to mix all these ingredients together and mould it in bar shape. Freeze it for sometime and cut it into small cubes for eating later. You can also add your protein whey powder for more benefits instead of grated coconut. All we need is something good to keep the matcha green tea powder bound with other ingredients.

Matcha yoghurt popsicles

This is one of the easiest and healthiest ice-cream recipes that you can try at home when you are following a gym diet. You just need unsweetened yoghurt, matcha green tea powder, honey, and coconut milk. You can mix all these ingredients together and make the paste like thick ice cream mix.

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Freeze them in a popsicle stick holder! Whenever you have cravings for sweet or chocolates or anything loaded with carbohydrates, you can rely on this popsicle. These have amazing flavour of matcha green tea powder and the natural sweetness of yoghurt will be a great relief for you without having to move away from your diet.

Matcha oats cookies

Some people are very fond of cookies but while following gym diet, you can’t really binge on cookies. But, when you have matcha green tea powder with you, then it is possible to have amazingly baked cookies that will serve the purpose. All you need is ground oats, little baking powder, honey, chocolate chips, matcha green tea powder, and almond milk if needed.

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Make a cookie dough with ground oats, matcha green tea powder, honey, and little almond milk. If you love coconut, you can also add grated coconut in the dough. After plating them on cookie tray, sprinkle some chocolate chips on top and bake it like a normal cookie. It is ready to be relished after a heavy workout.

Matcha granola bars

Who doesn’t love granola bars? It is made for everyone who wants to get rid of binge eating after meals. Granola bars have so many beneficial seeds like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seed, cucumber seed, sesame, and all the dry fruits. It particularly helps in improving your blood circulation and providing you with elements that are deficient in your body.

You can mix matcha green tea powder with granola bar ingredients like all roasted edible seeds we mentioned above, dry fruits, and honey. You can also add roasted corn flakes and oats in it to make it chunkier as well as fibrous. After mixing all of this, you can keep them in mould and freeze it for some time. Cut it into small pieces and store the granola bars in cool and dry place.

Thus, after knowing these amazing recipe ideas from matcha green tea powder, who wouldn’t love to try these! It is better to find ways in which you can relieve your cravings rather than ignoring them for a very long time. Because once you lose control and have one cheat day, it spoils your effort for a lot of days. Now, whenever you crave chocolates or pancakes, you don’t have to feel sad. Get matcha green tea from a trusted source and play with your taste buds! We hope you will love these recipe ideas made from matcha green tea powder. Please leave your feedback through comments and suggest your

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8 Matcha tea benefits that will improve your health like never before!!!

If you have always loved Matcha tea recipe videos, then here is the time to explore some amazing Matcha tea benefits that are irresistible. These 8 surprisingly huge Matcha tea benefits will take your healthy diet to next level.

A golden opportunity for all the tea lovers who have been wanting to look for a healthier option, this is the right chance to make a healthy switch. Matcha tea has been one of the most preferred energy drinks for people since ages because of its super beneficial properties. Matcha tea benefits are most prominent in Japan since centuries because Samurai warriors used to consume it.

At “The South Indian Store”, we are determined to bring Matcha tea benefits to your home with all the benefits safely packed within the box. To help you understand more about Matcha tea benefits, we have a blog that will leave you all mesmerized. Please go ahead and we are sure you won’t regret spending your five minutes on our blog.

What is Matcha tea?

Matcha is pronounced as Maccha and has a scientific name of Camellia sinensis. It is finely ground powder of leaves which are devoid of veins and main stem. The leaves are grown under shade for three to four weeks which gives rise to immense chlorophyll and makes them dark green in colour. The dried and pressed leaves are then powdered well to give a fine emerald green tea which is finely curated Matcha tea.

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The leaf used for this process is called tencha and due to under shade development, it has good amount of amino acids. The Matcha tea is a reservoir of theanine and caffeine which boosts your body with energy and enhances your day to day activities without you having to feel all drained. So, after knowing these Matcha tea benefits, let’s explore these amazing properties in detail.

Matcha tea benefits that will surprise you

Matcha tea benefits include some huge properties like cancer prevention, stronger immunity, stress free mind, detoxification and much more. Before you hit the buy button, given below are some of the amazing Matcha tea benefits that will make you more aware of what is there in store for you!

Perfect energy drink

One of the reasons why Matcha tea benefits are so renowned, is because of its caffeine content. When you mix it with water, you drink the leaves as a whole with zero alterations. Hence, the caffeine content is obviously 3 times higher as compared to the normal coffee or cocoa you consume everyday.

Enhances focus and improves concentration

Have you heard about alpha waves? Yes, these are one of the Matcha tea benefits that will leave you astonished! The L-Theanine content increases your concentration by enhancing the alpha waves in your brain. Not only this, Matcha tea benefits are proven to provide equal mental clarity as yoga and meditation.

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A scientific study proves that people who consumed 4 grams of Matcha tea on an average had better cognitive assessment and attention towards problem solving. Matcha tea benefits are more profound in elderly people which reduces their reaction time and makes them smarter.

Burn calories and become fit

The catechins in Matcha tea activates the system which utilizes fat reserve of your body and eventually drains the calories which will help you become fit in lesser time. By including Matcha tea benefits in your weight loss regimen of 3 months, you will see better results that just normal weight loss program or exercise.

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It slows down your BMI and reduces the lethargy you felt because of heavy muscles around your waist and hips. It is proven that Matcha tea reduce your waist circumference, subcutaneous fat mass, and overall body fat that affects your health. Moreover, it helps in activation of CCK hormone that makes you feel full and reduces the habit of overeating.

Relief from stress and feeling of calmness

If you have always looked for your soul food, then Matcha tea is one! The perfect Matcha tea benefits are exclusively for people working long hours and feeling mentally drained after a while. The good amount caffeine content provide you relaxation even after you have had a very long day.

The mind soothing properties of Matcha tea are just the perfect requirement for you to feel calm without taking out time for meditation. It reduces the oxidative stress and prevents the possibility of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s along with heart attack and other cardiovascular disease.

Antioxidants and Immunity booster

Matcha tea benefits are loaded with facts that cover the stats about how it has helped in enhancing the immunity of the system. Matcha tea fortifies the immunity system better than any other natural diet because it has catechin which is readily active against the bacterial and viral invasion into the body.

Matcha tea benefits are topped with protection from some of the serious diseases like Hepatitis A, influenza virus, Herpes virus, and bacteria that affects the throat and sinus cavities. On the top of it, when you mention super foods that have immense amount o antioxidants, Matcha tea tops the list.

Matcha tea benefits for skin

How many of you have always relied on natural ingredients for your face packs? Matcha tea benefits also include the anti-inflammatory activity of the components on skin which reduces the heat rashes, redness, and boils. It captures the bacteria and neutralizes it immediately. The antioxidant reduces the stress on skin and oil glands of the same.

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Direct application of Matcha tea readily acts against the acne bacterium and removes red spots from the skin. The exfoliating property of Matcha tea brings a unique glow to your skin and you will receive many compliments in your next get together party if you start applying from now.

Heart health and good cholesterol

Even though the health of your heart depends on a lot of factors, but Matcha tea benefits play an important role in the same. Including this simple component in your regular diet will greatly affect the good cholesterol in your body and secure you from serious cardiovascular diseases.

The high density lipids (HDL) account for most of the heart related Matcha tea benefits because it cleans all the bad cholesterol and keeps you healthy for a very long time.

Powerful detox for your body

Matcha green tea benefits are mostly because of its detoxifying properties. The chlorophyll content purifies and digests almost all the unwanted chemicals which are accumulated in your body. It is particularly for people working in industries because of the heavy metal removing property.

Of all the Matcha tea benefits, which one compels you to buy it immediately? We are sure that Matcha tea must be on your list since a very long time and hence, it is high time you get started on a regular healthy diet without wasting any time! Be ready to get updates about some interesting Matcha tea blogs that will guide you on its usage and recipes too. Keep supporting us with your reviews about our products and stay healthy!