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Quick and useful tricks with coconut oil

Ever since we have gathered our consciousness, our parents have always inculcated the idea of healthy and productive living. No wonder, why we keep looking for health benefits of every ingredient we come across. It is actually good to read and know what you use and intakes in daily life. Just to help you a little more, we will tell you the benefits of one of the most known ingredients of our kitchen and cosmetic shelf. Today, we will be disclosing some of the magical benefits of coconut oil which are not known by everyone. So, let us get started!

coconut oil

Things you must know about coconut oil

Undoubtedly, coconut oil is blessed with innumerable elements that prove to be healthy for us. Before we focus on the remedies and uses, it is important to know a little more about these ingredients because, why not? When you know the intricate details of your ingredient, it will be easier for you to adapt to it. Also, you will be able to use it in a more effective manner.

  • Remineralizes your teeth
  • Increases absorption of calcium and magnesium
  • Supports healthy thyroid function
  • Boosts hormone production
  • Helps with depression and anxiety
  • Assists in removal of cellulite from skin

These are some of the facts which you must know about coconut oil and adopt its nominal intake in your diet.

Myths and Facts

Now, every coin has two faces. There are facts and then there are myths. It is high time to rubbish them and be the eye opener for our readers. Check this out!

  • It has complex and unhealthy facts
  • Increases cholesterol
  • It can cause excessive weight gain
  • Makes the skin oily
  • Everything tastes like coconut oil when cooked in it


Let us give you an exact overview of this!

  • It does contain fats, but the healthy ones. Hence, it does not lead to accumulation of cholesterol or thick fibres in and around muscles and blood vessels.
  • It does not cause excessive weight gain. However, we always enforce the idea that too much of anything is bad. The same goes here. If you continue to consume without checking the quantity, it may obviously get accumulated and make you obese.
  • Coconut is rich in anti-fungal and anti-bacterial substances. You can apply some amount of it on your face and it will only make it healthy, not oily. Use in considerable amounts.
  • Just to let you know, well-refined organic coconut oil will not make everything taste like coconut. You just need to choose the right product such as snacks fried in pure coconut oil or traditional dishes prepared in the same. They will only have a soothing essence of coconut.


Coconut oil for hair

If it is oil, it has to have experimented on your hair. And this one rocks as a hair oil. We will share some of the tricks that will fetch you amazingly desirable outcomes for strengthening your hair.

coconut oil for hair

  • Anti-dandruff solution

Mix half the amount of lemon juice as compared to coconut oil. Massage your hair gently and leave it for about two hours. Wash it with your regular shampoo and see the difference. This is one of the best tricks. It is not just useful for getting rid of dandruff but also for removing the oily texture of your scalp. Also, as a bonus, it will give a shiny appearance to your hair.

  • Relief from stinky hair

If you are someone who has a sweaty scalp and it releases odour, then this trick is for you. Just crush a camphor tablet of coconut oil and mix it well. Again, massage your hair gently and leave it for two hours. Wash your hair gently with shampoo and you will find a cool sensation on your scalp. It will do away with the odour of your hair and will also fight the scalp-related infections to some extent.

  • Hot oil massage

It is one of the simplest tricks to prevent hair fall. Just warm up the oil, along with few curry leaves in it. You can also add grounded curry leaf powders or crushed curry leaves. Massage your scalp with lukewarm oil and leave it for an hour. Wash your hair with shampoo. This will primarily prevent hair fall but has several other benefits. By doing this, your hair will become black and shinier.


Coconut oil for skin

As we have already mentioned that this wonderful oil is good for your skin too. It does not make it too oily. You must apply it in the considerable amount to have healthy skin. This is because it is more of a mineral oil than a usual one. Let us explore few skin remedies.

coconut oil for skin

  • Moisturizer

Cleanse your skin and dab it with the help of a towel. Apply a small amount of coconut oil and massage your face or any part of skin for 2 to 3 minutes. Allow it to get absorbed into your skin for 10 minutes and then remove the excess oil using a tissue. It will moisturize dry skin and fight against bacteria that cause skin infections.

  • Face Scrub

Mix a teaspoon of sugar and an equal amount of honey in double the amount of coconut oil. Make it a little grainy like scrub and apply it on your face. Let it dry and dab it with water before removing. Massage your cheeks and rough areas with the circular movement of hands. Do it gently and wash your face with warm water. This will clean your face and give it a glossy appearance.

  • Reduces acne and skin infections

If your skin is prone to acne and likely to be vulnerable to infections, then this is for you. Just add tea tree oil to coconut oil. Keep the proportions 4 drops of tea tree oil and one tablespoon coconut oil. Apply it at least 3 to 4 times in a day over your acne or infection prone area. It will neutralize the bacteria and restore the skin follicles like before. Also, it reduces wrinkles!

pure coconut oil

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Thus, after closely looking at these amazing uses of coconut oil, it is evident that it has an important role to play in our lives. Let us not ignore this godsend ingredient and start using it as per the ideas presented above. Also, we are open to your new ideas. So, if you have got some, then please share it in the comment section below. Spread a word, we are waiting!

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