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How coffee as medicine is making life easier? 13 regular hacks

The basic kitchen ingredients are really underrated! We have all the medicines on our kitchen shelf but we hardly utilize any of it. But here is something that will make your life easier and also full of energy. Just imagine how you would feel if we told that now you can use coffee as medicine! We always have a pack of basic medicine, antibiotics, anti-allergens, and what not. Little do we realize that nature’s gift has everything in it that can solve our basic health problem.

coffee as medicine

Here, we will tell you about all the health benefits of coffee and about some of the many ways in which you can use coffee as medicine. Go ahead and we promise you will not regret it!


Why to use coffee as medicine?

South Indian filter coffee

Coffee contains caffeine which is the component of most of the energetic drinks and beverages. It activates the cell, muscles, nerves, and it has a relaxing effect overall. Coffee has anti-inflammatory property which can heal many minor ailments. Also, the heat content of coffee is very comforting for human body if you take it in proper medicinal quantities!

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Despite being addictive in nature, it has components which can relieve pain and fever. Coffee as medicine, works perfectly if you want to increase the blood flow in coronary artery. It also acts as diuretic and stimulant of heat associated chemical reactions in the body.

So, without wasting much time, let’s dive in to explore the ways in which we can use coffee as medicine.


Ways to use coffee as medicine

health benefits of coffee

Given below are some of the amazing health benefits of coffee and ways to use coffee as medicine. Have a look!

  1. A small cup of coffee opens up the chest very well, especially when you have frequent cough problems. However, do not use too much sugar in it because it might enhance the itching sensation in your throat.
  2. Common way to use coffee as medicine is by drinking it without milk. It relieves the bowel movement and helps in both constipation as well as diarrhea. It brings the irregular bowel movement back to normal and also supports peristalsis.
  3. Using coffee as medicine in fatigue is also a great way to relieve the stress in the muscle tissues.
  4. One can relieve mild depression or anxiety by using coffee as medicine in your diet.
  5. When you have enjoyed your late night parties beyond the boundaries, then coffee as medicine will serve a perfect drink to bring you back from hangover.
  6. Needless to mention but coffee grounds are a perfect example of using coffee as medicine. Since a very long time, people use it for scrubbing and cleansing the body in order to prevent any major skin ailments from occurring.
  7. A rich cocoa, such as the South Indian filter coffee powder acts as an element which can improve circulation of blood throughout the body. Sometimes cocoa rich dark chocolate is also given to people suffering from hypertension in order to calm down their high blood pressure.
  8. People who live in humid area and are prone to sweaty underarms that gives rise to microbial growth can also use coffee as medicine. Rubbing coffee in the area where you get more amount of sweat will reduce the smell and keep the skin fresh for a longer time. Hence, you will not face fungal infections in skin very often.
  9. The health benefits of coffee also include curing the nausea. Even half cup of black coffee works like magic and you don’t feel it anymore because of the presence of caffeine in it.
  10. The anti analgesic properties that helps us to use coffee as medicine proves that it can be used for headaches that happens during migraines as well as sinusitis.
  11. Coffee as medicine works effectively on gangrenous ulcer that occurs over skin. It helps in recovering the normal morphology of skin and tissue around it. It also prevents infection around that area.
  12. When women drink coffee as medicine, it recovers their uterine function and provides sufficient heat to their uterus which ultimately ensures a normal menstrual cycle.
  13. Last but not the least, sometimes coffee enemas are also given to patients for proper cleansing of their gut.


Precautions while using coffee as medicine

Even though health benefits of coffee are scientifically proven, there are certain things which have to be kept in mind. While using coffee as medicine, one should not forget to monitor the quantity of how much you consume.

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You cannot drink coffee normally and expect it to work like medicine. You must do a bit of research about the same and drink accordingly in medicinal ways. Also, coffee has immense amount of heat, so make sure that you eat sufficiently cool food items to compensate for the same, otherwise it may lead to heal boils and mouth ulcers.


We hope this was an educating experience for you about using coffee as medicine. We loved penning down some unknown health benefits of coffee that are not widely talked about. So stop the use of basic medicines and start on something natural. Let us know some more health benefits of coffee if you know!


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Introducing The South Indian Store e-wallet

TSIS e-wallet

The team at The South Indian Store is proud to announce the launch of a new feature – The South Indian Store wallet or TSIS wallet. With this feature all our customers can get a bundle of benefits when they shop online with us. Below are some of the key features and benefits that our customers will enjoy going forwards:

1. Cashback on every purchase

Yes, you heard it right. We want to reward our loyal customers and hence we would be more than happy to share a part of our profit with you in the form of cashback. So, next time when you buy something from The South Indian Store, you will automatically get cashback credited to your TSIS wallet.

You get 5% of the transaction amount as cashback upto a maximum of Rs.20 per transaction.

2. Use wallet balance for your next purchase

You can use the cashback received in your wallet to place your next order. Unlike other websites in the same domain, we give you real cash. That means Rs.1 in your TSIS wallet is actually Rs.1 and you can reduce the wallet balance from your total order cost and pay only the remaining through any of the payment method. How awesome is that?

3. Combine discounts with cashback

You will get cashback in your TSIS wallet even if you apply discount codes. That means if you apply the code HIGHFIVE and get a flat 5% discount on your order total, you will still be eligible for cashback in your TSIS wallet. Which reduces your overall cost of the order.

4. Top-up your TSIS wallet

You can top-up your wallet just like you would do any other wallet (e.g- Paytm or airtel money, etc). For example, If you top-up your wallet for Rs.100 through net banking, your wallet will get Rs.100 as balance and the same can be used for your purchase on our website.

5. Your wallet balance is transferable

Consider a situation when you placed an order with us and liked all our awesome products. You then refer one of your friend to our website. Since you already have some cashback in your TSIS wallet, you can transfer it to your friend so that they can redeem that cashback and place their order at a very less price. Another awesome feature. Isn’t it?

Think of a unique way to gift your loved ones. Share your wallet balance as a birthday gift to them so that they can buy their favorite South Indian products from our website. Think of other ways you can utilize the wallet and comment below. We would love to hear it from you.

Try out our products today and get great discounts and cashback. Let us know your experience on our website and the newly implemented e-wallet feature. We are excited to hear back from our awesome customers like you.


The South Indian Store

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Where to get fresh filter coffee powder online

filter coffee powder

filter coffee powder

What is a filter Coffee?

Filter coffee is the coffee prepared by mixing frothed and boiled milk with finely ground coffee powder in a traditional Indian filter. This is also termed as kaapi in South India. Other names are Madras coffee, Mysore coffee, Mylapore coffee, etc. (Source: Wikipedia)

Filter coffee powder is specially prepared by grinding high quality coffee beans using a traditional grinding mechanism. Sometimes chicory is added to enhance the flavour of the produced coffee powder.

Difference between Filter coffee and Instant coffee

Filter coffee is basically freshly ground powder of coffee beans ready to be used by a coffee making machine whereas instant coffee is a form where the coffee has been already made and dehydrated. Just adding water to it makes a coffee for you. While instant coffee can be easy to prepare and serve, it lacks the aroma and flavour that freshly ground filter coffee has. Filter coffee is the first choice of all the coffee lovers who prefer quality coffee, aroma and taste over quick preparation. (Source: Stackexchange)

Where to get fresh filter coffee

Getting freshly prepared coffee powder if you are not residing in south India is a challenge. You may get branded and packed  coffee powder from your nearest supermarket but what about the freshness? They were prepared in the factory a month or two ago and sealed in an airtight packing. If you want to taste the real filter coffee, you must get it from a South Indian coffee shop where they will grind fresh coffee beans in front of you.

We at The South Indian Store understand the need of our customer and came up with a solution. Only freshly ground filter coffee powder is packed and shipped to our customers. All orders are freshly prepared and packed to maintain the quality and aroma of the coffee.

Visit our Filter coffee product page to know more and buy online.