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6 Whole grains hacks that can fight diseases like cancer

Every year we have Pongal celebration in the month of January and we cheer for the first harvest of the year. It’s been an ancient custom where different parts of India celebrate in different ways like Makar Sankranti, Bihu, and Pongal as well. So, this year we thought why not show some love to ourselves by including whole grains in our diet. And also embrace our farmers who put all their effort throughout the year to ensure three meals in a day for us.

Here, is a blog telling you why whole grains should be your focus for this pongal celebration. And to add happy memories to your pongal celebration we are going to tell you about products that come straight from farmers. So apart from trying out healthy food, you will support a farmer and thank him for all this efforts throughout the year.


What are whole grains in food?

A typical whole grain is a grain which is in its pure form and retains all the parts without anything missing. Whether in a crushed, rolled, or roasted form, a whole grain has all its parts as it is and is very healthy for your overall health system. Now, you must be wondering what these parts are because the whole grain itself is very small in size.

whole grains

A grain has three major parts, i.e. bran, endosperm, and germ.

Bran is outer fibrous part which also contains antioxidants, whereas endosperm is the middle part and also the most nutritious one. The endosperm has fusion of three nuclei and the grain uses its metabolic product to grow in the process of maturation. Any seed or grain which has remnants of endosperm is considered very healthy and nutritious. The innermost part is germ which contains most of the vitamins and minerals along with proteins.

Hence, any grain which has these three components unaltered, is considered as whole. And these whole grains are loaded with benefits that will not only convince you but will leave you surprised. So, let’s explore them without wasting much time.


Nutrition profile of whole grains

  • It has lots of fiber to line your gut and make your digestion process very smooth
  • They contain major vitamins that improve your skin, eyesight, and overall health.
  • Whole grains are reservoir of minerals like potassium, magnesium, zinc, etc. and ultimately maintain the ionic balance of your body.
  • Protein is the major content of whole grains and you don’t have to worry if you have gym scheduled every morning.
  • As already mentioned above, the bran has antioxidants which prevent harmful chemical reactions from taking place in your body.
  • Apart from these major elements, it has a number of chemical compounds that play important role in prevention of life-threatening diseases.

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After knowing this, you would be curious to know about major benefits of whole grains in disease prevention. Why not start a healthy diet as a part of your pongal celebration? After all, festivals are here to spread happiness, so why not start with your health? Isn’t it a good idea?


Whole grains’ benefits that you need to adopt for this year’s pongal celebration


  • Lowers the risk of heart disease

With fiber and good cholesterol being the components of whole grains, you don’t have to worry about the well being of your heart. A survey conducted in 2016 proved that small consumption of whole grains everyday will reduce the risk of heart disease by 22%.

benefits of whole grains

Also, a survey that monitors annual trends noticed that those who start consuming whole grains at early age tend to have 47% lesser chance of suffering from any kind of heart disease. Even the processed food which has whole grain and is assured with purity is way more beneficial than ordinary refined grains.

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  • Fighter against obesity

Again, the overall nutrition profile of whole grains make sure that you stay away from obesity. Even if you are overweight or gaining weight rapidly, you can save yourself by switching to whole grain rich diet on regular basis. You will be amazed to know that obesity causes 12 types of cancers and by opting for this diet, you are saving yourself from a dangerous risk.

Consumption of whole grains ensures reduced belly fat by lowering the basic metabolic rate. A scientific study created a cereal that had more amount of whole grains and bran rich elements. This in turn proved to be highly beneficial for people trying to get rid of obesity.

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  • Protects you from type 2 diabetes

If you are someone who is afraid of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes because it genetically runs in your family, then here is the time to save yourself from it. A study proves that taking whole grains in your meal twice a day will save you from this disease. Also, the whole grains reduce obesity as we discussed earlier and hence, it will obviously reduce your chances of suffering from type 2 diabetes.

whole grains benefits

Apart from this, you would love to know that magnesium, which is present in most of the whole grains, are responsible for regulating insulin sensitivity. Hence, not one but there are two reasons why you should immediately include a diet rich in whole grains.



  • Stops the root cause of chronic disease – Inflammation

Whole grains work like magic for people suffering from chronic disease. Also, it helps you protect yourself from such chronic ailments in future because the first reaction taking place against your health is inflammation.

WHO openly recommends whole grains in regular diet in order to reduce inflammation and thereby deal with any kind of chronic disease. So, what are you waiting for? Switch to a whole grains rich diet now!


  • Anticancer properties

Whole grains are so rich with fiber and minerals that it prevents colorectal cancer in both men and women. It works like prebiotic that goes into your body and releases all good elements to protect you from all kinds of infections and diseases.

The three major components which are a part of cancer drugs and are approved by medical journals are present in whole grains. Phytic acid, phenolic acid, and saponins are the compounds that will help you keep yourself away from this deadly disease.

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  • Prevents foetal deaths and disorders

Refined grains are polished and have added minerals which are not in their pure form. This will lead to accumulation of unwanted chemical compounds in your blood. There are chances, you might pass it on to your foetus during pregnancy. And this might be a reason for miscarriage and disorders.

So, opt for whole grains which are pure and untamed in nature. This will provide proper care to your child through your diet.


Whole grains’ recipe worth including in your diet

Some of the whole grains rich diet you can include in your diet are given below:

whole grains

  • The whole grains which are recommended for people with busy lifestyle trending across the globe. These are millet, rice, wheat, oats and cereals.
  • You can have millet idli or dosa for your breakfast or dinner. You can have it alongside some chutney podi or Andhra gun powder for taste.
  • In order to have tastier breakfast or brunch or evening snacks, you can use poha. It is also available with tangy lemon flavour in our store. Buy lemon poha mix online


Thus, after knowing so much about benefits of whole grains, we don’t think you will ignore your health for even one more day. Switch your diet and include whole grains rich diet on regular basis. Also, spread the word about these information and save your friends and family members. Save them from falling the trap of refined grains. Stay healthy and stay aware!