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8 Different ways to make South Indian filter coffee every morning

Cheers to all the diehard coffee lovers because only we feel the power when caffeine kicks in! Every morning we wake up with the same old brewing schedule, but here is something interesting for you. You will get to know the magic that a South Indian filter coffee can do to your mornings. It’s time to start ignoring the queue at Starbucks and brew your own fabulous coffee using one simple ingredient.

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Here, we have 8 yummy and healthy South Indian filter coffee hacks that will blow your mind. Believe it or not, you will forget about fancy café after tasting these creations. Go ahead and read these 8 amazing South Indian filter coffee twists and tell us your favourite ones.

Dairy free vanilla latte

If you always think of new ways to prepare your morning coffee, here is a dairy free technique. A mixture of South Indian filter coffee syrup with coconut or almond milk that has soothing smooth taste and unforgettable flavour. Some sugar free vanilla will just take this filter coffee recipe to another level.

People who love thick and smooth shakes but also want to avoid sugar loaded coffees will fall in love with this version of South Indian filter coffee.

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Soothing mocha

This mocha is for all the cocoa lovers who keep adding chocolate syrups into their coffee and regret it later. Now, make a coffee that does not ask you to do double workout later. Mix unsweetened cocoa powder with South Indian filter coffee decoction and freeze it into cubes.

You can drop a cube into a cup of low fat skimmed milk every morning with some brown sugar and relish a cold brewed mocha every morning.

Royal fusion of syrups

How many times did you think of adding multiple flavours to your coffee? If not yet, then this might be a wonderful chance for you to do that! Here, in this filter coffee recipe, you mix honey, sugar free vanilla, South Indian filter coffee decoction, and some brown sugar syrup.

This pure coffee brown syrup will be a strong and healthy punch for your morning. It will help you get over your guilty pleasures of consuming coffee and turn it into a healthy addiction.

Honey cinnamon coffee

Are you more of a spice person? Then why not add some fainting hint of cinnamon into your authentic South Indian filter coffee? Just brew it with honey and cinnamon powder and you can also add some brown sugar if honey is giving a mild sweetness.

Also, this lovely coffee can be relished with almond milk or coconut milk too! You will never be able to forget the soothing taste of this particular South Indian filter coffee recipe. Also, not to forget, cinnamon and honey are excellent if you are down on health. So, you can deal with sick days without cutting down on coffee.

Chilled nutty coffee

We have all admired hazelnut flavours in our coffee and milkshakes. It’s time to make some fabulous stuff for ourselves every morning and refresh our bodies with a healthy drink. This is one simple thing that you can create with South Indian filter coffee. Grind the nuts with almond milk and make sure you remove the chunks of nuts after filtering it well through sieve.

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Mix it with South Indian filter coffee with absolutely no sugar because the natural flavour of nutty coffee will be lost. You can even freeze the South Indian filter coffee syrup and drop one cube to your nutty almond milk every morning. Absolutely sugar free solution to your mornings.

Yogurt based protein punch

In all our previous blogs on recipes from South Indian filter coffee, we have mentioned about smoothies. But, not all drinks that have bananas are smoothies, right? So, this is totally fat free start to your coffee addiction where you can churn the yogurt to thin water like consistency. Add just half of a banana to make it protein rich and healthy.

Then goes your authentic South Indian filter coffee decoction and mix it well. It is best serve in a normal or chilled form because an early morning hot caffeinated drink could just stimulate your acidity.

Spicy pumpkin coffee

For people willing to add some extra elements in their coffee, here is your chance to workout without leaving the addiction of coffee. Mashed pumpkin mixed with cinnamon powder is your go to drink in the morning if you are a gym freak.

Add South Indian filter coffee decoction and just go with the flow. You can add unsweetened vanilla if you are not a big fan of pumpkin mash.

Smooth minty coffee cream

So here comes the favourite of all! The minty flavour with almond milk and of course our favourite South Indian filter coffee. This special recipe is for everyone who wants to give a nice kick to their mornings.

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Just mix crushed mint leaves to your almond milk alongside South Indian filter coffee syrup and mix it well. The flavour will come out so well and you will fall in love with this. If you have a sweet tooth, you can very well add brown sugar or honey because a little carb does no harm.

We know you all are thrilled to try out these easy coffee recipes from South Indian filter coffee. All you need is a little scratch from your kitchen and our authentic South Indian filter coffee powder. We wish you a very happy brewing every morning from now on and don’t forget to share your feedback with us.

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