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Must Try Therapies In Kerala Ayurveda

While the world has become completely dependent on western medicine, I have got something for you which is totally natural and rejuvenating. Are you aware of how much effective Kerala Ayurveda can be? If not, let me give you a quick insight into it. Ayurveda is the oldest healthcare system in the world. It is basically the balance between our environment, body, mind, and spirit. Ayurvedic therapies are thought to improve both physical and mental health and the overall quality of life.

Kerala: The ultimate destination

If you live somewhere near Kerala, then I have some good news for you. Kerala is probably the only state in India where Ayurveda is used as a mainstream medicine. It is the core for Ayurveda. A large number of educational institutions have enhanced Kerala Ayurveda over the years.The Ayurveda vaidyans or doctors of Kerala are legendary practitioners who have researched and found cures for every possible disease. Kerala Ayurveda continues to have a flourishing community that serves to the need of people from across the globe.

Kerala being a place filled with beautiful beaches and spice gardens turns out to be the ultimate destination for a soothing and relaxing treatment. Whether its Kovalam, Kollam, Thrissur or Kozhikode, the ayurvedic destinations are never-ending. Some famous rejuvenation therapies offered here include body slimming, body immunization and
beauty care. No matter what your health issues are, Kerala Ayurveda will surely get you closer to a solution.


Some therapies of Kerala Ayurveda

  •  Akshitarpana – Traditional treatment for eyes,
  •  Karnapoorana – Ayurvedic treatment for ear
  •  Kativasti – Therapy to cure the ailments of back portion, and
  •  Abhyanga – Medicated massage oil

These are some of the wide range of therapies in Kerala Ayurveda.

But what makes Kerala Ayurveda different from the rest of the world? Well, its the 5 prolonged treatment, named as ‘Panchakarma’. As a part of Panchakarma treatment medicated oil, herbs, milk and special diets are used to cure all types of ailments.

Panchakarma treatment

Panchakarma treatment is the ultimate experience for both mind and body. It is a three-step process- Purva(post-operative), Pradhana(operative) and Paschat(Post-operative).

It has several health benefits as well. Reducing stress, improving relaxation and boosting the immunity level are some to count. Panchakarma treatment is beneficial in several diseases like asthma, diabetes, neurological dysfunctions, nasal allergies, digestive disorder, premature greying of hair, etc.



Kairali: The healing hub for Kerala Ayurveda

Ever heard of Kairali? Well, you can get the best of ayurvedic treatment at Kairali’s healing village. With a highly dedicated team of doctors and therapists at their medicinal centres and certified hospitals, Kairali ensures an excellent
quality of treatments.

Their special beauty and health care packages are designed to provide treatment to many modern-day health problems like stress, eye ailments, skin defects, etc. Arthritis, obesity, migraine and infertility are among other deformities
treated here.

To-do list for overall refreshment

Want to take some days off from your work loaded, stressful life? How about some ayurvedic massages? We bring to you a bunch of massages from Kerala Ayurveda that might replenish you.

  •  Ubtaan and Elakijhi: It is a special type of massage which involves the use of several different herbals and animal-centric materials. This therapy not only nourishes the body and improves the texture of the skin, but it also improves blood circulation.

Kerala Ayurveda

  • Pizhichil: In this therapy, warm oil is poured over a special kind of vessel, referred to as ‘Kindi’. This is placed some inches above the body. It proves to be effective for people suffering from fractures, paralysis, stiffness in the body, etc.
  •  Garshana: This method of therapy uses no oil or herbal powder. Here, the body is stimulated using raw silk gloves without applying any type of lubricant. This therapy stimulates the lymphatic system by releasing toxins from the body.
  • Shirodhora: This therapy is customised to stimulate the nerves. A continuously flowing stream or ‘dhara’ of medicated or herbal oil is poured on the scalp. This helps in the treatment of mental fatigue. It also helps to increase focus, clarity and relieves headache.


Ayurvedic treatment


  •  Abhyangam: This is a full body massage given with medicated hot oil chosen as per the medical condition of the patient. The temperature of the oil is closely observed and adjusted to ensure the comfort of the patient. On certain points pressure is applied, so as to stimulate various energies and aid release of toxins from the body.


 Interested in ayurvedic therapies, you are just a click away. A wide of range ayurvedic products is all you need. We bring to you herbals, oils, and lot more. Explore the rejuvenating therapies and products of Kerala Ayurveda to get rid of all your health issues naturally.  

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Why Kerala Ayurveda is an ultimate solution to your health problems?

While you are craving the backwaters and lush green coconut yards of Kerala, we have got something special to let you know. Did you know how famous is Kerala Ayurveda? It has got some exotic treatments and remedies that can provide you ultimate relief from your ailments. If you have been to Kerala and returned without experiencing at least one of the Ayurvedic treatments, then you are missing out something in your life.

Kerala Ayurveda

But before you plan another trip of yours, we would like to give you warm up of Kerala Ayurveda. Excited? Read it till the end and thank us later!


Historical relevance of Kerala Ayurveda

Kerala has always been rich in terms of tradition. Taking Kerala Ayurveda into account, it is almost 1000 years’ old preserved tradition which has made Kerala ‘Mecca of Ayurveda’. There are large natural groves rich in medicinal value and herbal wealth. In case you are wondering what is so special about Kerala Ayurveda, then let us tell you something very interesting.

Herbs in Kerala are clinically proven as the most potent natural reserves as compared to any other herbs found elsewhere in the world. The magic is hidden in the soil of Kerala. It has balanced alkaloid content which makes the herb potent enough. If you don’t know, alkaloids are one of the best cure for cervical cancer and other terminal cancers.

Interesting facts about Kerala Ayurveda

No matter how deeply you explore the Ayurvedic treasures of Kerala, the curiosity keeps increasing. Kerala Ayurveda is so interesting to study that even a normal person without any medical background will love every fact. Before you start browsing for the major features of Kerala Ayurveda, we would present an overview of it. Check this out!

Ayurvedic treatments

  • Kerala Ayurvedic clinic is one of the finest across India and boasts effective treatment for health-related related problems.
  • Modern Ayurvedic physicians have made their practice even more effective by making use of latest diagnostic techniques.
  • Ayurveda is not just a culture which has remained intact through several years. In Kerala, it is a completely unique domain of medical science which is practised with utmost perfection.
  • The government of Kerala has taken initiative to provide certification to the clinics which are using good quality products and delivering standard services to their patients. The certification divides the Kerala Ayurveda clinic into green leaf and olive leaf.
  • The certification authority makes sure that the entire treatment is performed under the guidance of qualified professionals and all the practitioners are trained by experts.
  • The treatment entirely depends on the adaptability of a person’s body. Even though natural herbs and oils are used, one cannot ignore the exceptions of human body.
  • You will be amazed to know that Kerala is the only state in India where Ayureveda is mainstream medicine.
  • A number of medical colleges have Bachelor’s degree course for Ayurvedic medicine to encourage this practice.


Rejuvenating therapies in Kerala Ayurveda

Kerala Ayurvedic clinics

Be it a usual body massage or a lengthy treatment for a major health issue; Kerala Ayurveda has defined procedure for everything. It has a varying range of Ayurvedic treatments available for patients. The best of all is the famous Panchakarma treatment. It is an ultimate body detoxification procedure which cleans all the five elements of your body. Not only this, but Panchkarma treatment also promises to restore the natural health of your body.

This magical part of Kerala Ayurveda uses the best essential oils and naturally made lepam to rejuvenate the tissues and organs of your body. Being a topical therapy which mostly comprises of massage and skin detoxification, Panchkarma adds a wonderful glow to your body and softens your skin like never before. This unique therapy ensures the overall fitness of your body which takes care of your bones, skin, liver, and mind.

There are many other treatments for mental wellness, body slimming, and also for improvement of immunity system of your body. When you ponder upon various kinds of treatments, you will see some exclusive Ayurvedic treatments too. For example, Sarvagandhara is completely associated with milk, Shirodhara with oil, and Udwartana with the herbal solution to remove dead skin cells from your body.


Appropriate time for treatment

Kerala being a typically tropical state with thick forest cover provides the most suitable environment for Ayurvedic therapy. The best time to go for an Ayurvedic treatment is when the monsoon is approaching Kerala. It is so because most of the treatments in Kerala Ayurveda include consistent body massage or covering a particular surface with a paste. And that is the time of the year when your skin is exfoliated due to the misty and humid environment around you. Hence, the pores of your body are open and any topical treatment given during that time proves to be highly effective and gives wonderful results.

Ayurvedic treatments

On an average, depending upon your body condition, age, and health problem, the cure can last ranging from one week to three weeks. However, for a prolonged treatment which needs consistent medication, you need to see your doctor at an interval of every three months or six months, depending on your health issue. You would love to know that now there are many dedicated Kerala Ayurveda clinics in different parts of countries. Also, you can buy Ayurvedic medicines online as per the prescription of your concerned physician.


After going through these wonderful facts about Kerala Ayurveda, we know you must be amazed by the treatments, medicine, and therapies. You would love to know that even travel agents have a special package for those who want to visit Kerala specifically for Ayurvedic therapy. Also, they have Panchkarma package which is really worth a try.

Now that you know about the benefits of this treatment, you must already switch to Ayurvedic medicine, if not specifically Kerala Ayurveda. There are many herbal cures available for general treatment of ailments falling into broader categories. Instead of opting chemical-rich cosmetic products, buy Ayurvedic products and get better results. Leave your feedback and suggestions in the comment section and also share your stint with Ayurveda, if any. We would love to hear from you.


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