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Banana chips – One of the most nutritional snack from South India

Banana Chips


banana chips

High in nutrition, good in aroma and excellent in taste is what I would call Banana chips. These are one of the traditional tea time snacks all the way from Kerala. Prepared using pure coconut oil and freshly cut raw or ripe banana. The recipe itself varies from region to region within Kerala but each recipe has its own USP and is admired in each and every part of the country. These are not only served as a snack but as a special ingredient during occasions like marriage. The traditional touch and the sweet, sour taste of the crispy brown yellow chips make it one of the mouthwatering products from Kerala.

Bananas are sliced into thin pieces and deep fried in coconut oil to give it that golden yellow colour. This process helps the chips to retain its aroma and taste for a longer period. Banana chips prepared carefully using fresh oil and fresh banana would last for more than 30 days without being affected by the climatic conditions if stored in a dry container. Even though it is deep fried, it does not cause harm to your health because of the ingredients used and various health benefits of banana. It contains coconut oil without any preservative or additional contamination. Coconut oil is a proven medicine for a number of ailments. It helps in hair growth and makes them darker and shinier. It is also used as cooking oil in almost all the houses of Kerala. Apart from Coconut oil, Bananas are itself a good source of protein and other nutrients. So, the combination of these two makes it a healthy snack that can be enjoyed without worrying about any health issues.

We understand the fact that everyone wants to enjoy only freshly prepared snacks. So, there is always a doubt in the mind of the first time visitor of our store – The South Indian Store. There is nothing to worry about the quality of the banana chips sold by us. The reason being we pack only the freshly prepared banana chips. That means – if you order a pack of banana chips today, we will cut fresh banana pieces, deep fry the slices in pure coconut oil and pack them today itself. Once packed, we ship them either the same day or the very next day. This ensures that by the time our customers receive their order, the quality, aroma and the taste of the snack remains intact.

Still worried? The only way to get your doubts clear is to give us a try. Just go ahead and place a minimal order and try our products. Just a matter of few days and you will get your order delivered at your doorsteps and we assure you that you will never regret your decision of buying from us. Looking forward to see you soon on our store – Buy banana chips online here today.

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The South Indian Store – Delivering South Indian Products across the country

The South Indian Store is a one of its kind online store where people from across the country can visit and purchase South Indian niche products like Banana chips, Tapioca chips, Jack-fruit chips, Murukku, Sari, Mundu, Thorth, etc. These products are hard to find in a region outside of South Indian States. So, in order to make it easy for the South Indians residing outside of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, we came up with this unique idea of shipping quality products online.

The South Indian Store was founded in Sept 2014 with a purpose in mind to serve all The South Indian people living outside of their native place. It is really hard for them to find products like Banana chips, Jack-fruit chips, traditional wear, etc in a place outside of their native place. To bridge this gap and to make such products available to South Indians and anyone who is interested in buying such products online, we have created this store. We chose the September month for the launch of the website as September is the month of Onam and most Keralites likes to make purchases during this time frame. Also, they are willing to get south Indian snacks and traditional wear to use during the Onam festival. We generated good revenue and a stable customer base during this time frame.

Talking about the Technical aspects of The South Indian Store, we have hosted the ecommerce website on a highly reliable platform trusted by millions across the globe. We have also partnered with a state of the art payment gateway that provides 100% buyer protection which means the money our customer pays is not received by us unless and until the item is delivered to the customer. We are also offering 2% discount or cash-back on every purchase that our customer makes on our website. We have also integrated with a couple of courier service providers to deliver the products anywhere in Indian on time and without affecting the quality of the products.

If we talk about the quality and freshness of the product offered by The South Indian Store, then we assign utmost priority to the quality of the products shipped by us. Our belief is that we can make a onetime customer a permanent customer if we provide him quality. We usually pack the edible items prepared on the same day to maintain the freshness and the quality throughout.

Visit our website- and give us a try. We assure – you will not be disappointed.

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Freshly prepared banana chips from The South Indian Store

Banana chips are one of the widely produced and consumed snacks of South India. It is a traditional snack yet simple to prepare. It has high calorific value and nutrients as the same is prepared using Banana and Coconut oil as the main ingredients. A 100 gm pack of banana chips contains an approximate 500 calories. The major nutrients contained in banana chips are Sodium, Potassium, Protein and Carbohydrate.

Apart from being just a tea time snack, Banana chips are served during special occasions like marriage in most parts of South India. There are different varieties of Banana chips .e.g. the one prepared using raw banana, the one prepared using ripe banana, spicy, sweet, etc. The most famous among these is the one prepared using raw banana. At The South Indian Store, we have tied up with various local and traditional Banana chips makers of South India including Kerala and Tamil Nadu. We supply the freshly prepared banana chips directly from the store where it is prepared and that helps to retain the quality of the banana chips for longer duration.

Freshly prepared Banana chips usually have a life span of more than one month. At The South Indian Store, we pack the chips the same day it is prepared and ship it to our customers so that it can be reached to the destination within a reasonable time. We take special care while packing the banana chips to prevent any leakage and our effort is always to bring the banana chips with its freshness intact.Banana chips are easily available in South India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, etc.). But in North, West and East India, it is quite difficult to find a store that sells Banana chips. Even if there are shops who sell banana chips, they are most likely not as fresh as they must have imported it from south India and they usually maintain a stock of such items due to which the quality of the banana chips is compromised. Also, a huge number of families and individuals from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and other southern parts of the country have migrated to the Northern, Western or Eastern parts. The lack of availability of freshly prepared banana chips and the fact that migrants from south India are always attracted towards banana chips, led us to think and create this store named as The South Indian Store that has been designed and operated as a one stop shop for south Indian products. Visit The South Indian Store today and buy your packet of freshly prepared banana chips and get it delivered to your doorsteps.