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These 4 ways to celebrate Vishu and Tamil New Year is an eye-opener

The two important festivals of south India, Vishu and Tamil New Year are just a week away! People are busy deciding what to wear, how to celebrate, and what rituals to do this time. Of course, it is the start of new year and we all want it to be auspicious in every way. We make the best possible arrangements to please our deity, so that they shower blessings on our family throughout the year.

Let us shift our focus from this and find out why these festivals are so important!

Why Vishu and Tamil New Year important?

Talking about Vishu on first place, it is an important day to start the journey of next twelve months all over again. Children burst crackers, adults light candles, and offer loads of flowers and traditional food to our beloved Lord Vishnu.

Vishu greetings

Moreover, this is the harvest festival when farmers start ploughing the land. It is an auspicious day to welcome spring and pray to God for prosperity and good harvest in the specific year. People exchange Vishu greetings with their friends and relatives and wish them good luck for entire year.

On the other hand, Tamil New Year or Puthandu, is the new year of Tamilians. It is also, more or less, similar to Vishu. It marks the beginning of New Year and is celebrated not only in Tamilnadu but also in Sri Lanka. House is decorated, and specifically flowers and raw mangoes are offered to deity as they are symbols of growth and prosperity.

The Irony

Till now, we have only come across the bright and cheerful side of it. Did you ever think of that underprivileged section of society who does not get to celebrate Vishu and Tamil New Year in same way? We are so busy in cherishing our moments that we hardly think that someone out there is craving even the smallest joys of life.


Here, we won’t be telling you facts and listing out nutritional benefits of food. In this blog, we will show you the reality and how you can make things better around you. Are you ready to face it and take some effort? If yes, then please proceed with the blog.

The celebration of Vishu and Tamil New Year – Redefined!

Let us make it clear, this is not the usual, very happening celebration. It may not be a private party, and you will have to entertain few more people alongside your own family members.

Light faces along with crackers

You will burst cracker with your family and friends and you will enjoy to the core. But bringing a bright smile on someone’s face will take your happiness to another level. Don’t spend plenty of money. You just have to do the same rituals that you do at home, but with few more people outside your family. There is no other auspicious ritual than good karma. Invite the underprivileged children or adults and allow them to be a part of your celebration. If not many people, just ask your maid or domestic helper to stay and attend the ceremony. Wouldn’t it be nice if we become little bit kind with people around us?

Plan a surprise for those who hardly get one

We spend a lot of money to purchase gifts for our loved ones, sweets for our friends, and snacks for our children. Ever wondered about getting something for those who hardly celebrate Vishu and Tamil New Year? It is sad, that very few people are bothered about children in orphanage.

They have no parents to guide them about this festival and tell them stories. If not much, just distribute sweets or arrange a small ceremony at their place and enjoy it with them. Can you imagine the happiness they will get after seeing someone do so much for them?

Storytelling, because why not?

This could be a little extreme for you all, but honestly we must do it once in a while. If not Vishu, we must take up one festival that we celebrate and do this. Just make a small theatre like experience in a poor village and show small children the videos, movies, or documentaries related to the festival.

Isn’t it a good idea? Now you may say it is not practically possible all the time. We are not encouraging you to make it a regular habit. Just try it once, for your satisfaction, when you like doing something different from usual. It’s not a bad idea!

Welcome the New Year clean way

We have always been bragging about how much we love cleanliness around us. Keeping aside the national campaign, why can’t we take some effort on our own? Are you confused about our idea? Just go to a temple with your entire family members (only those who are willing), and clean it a day before Vishu or Tamil New Year.

Why celebrate it alone at your home in a confined place? Let everyone feel hygienic in spiritual environment because of your effort. Frankly, it will satisfy you more than chanting of mantras and doing meditation. Give it a try!


Therefore, after going through these points, it is quite clear that there is a need to change the perception. The only motive behind writing this bittersweet blog is to bring about betterment at personal level. All we think of is how to live a healthy life, how to use an ingredient, and how to take care of ourselves!


Our aim is not only make you physically tough but also mentally strong. Strong enough to bring these unique ideas to life and brighten up someone’s life, even if it is for a moment. Let us know what you have planned to do this Vishu or Tamil New Year. We wish you a very happy and prosperous Vishu as well as Tamil New Year.

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10 Reasons tapioca chips are amazingly good for your health

Find your soul snacks and fill your tummy hard! But wouldn’t it be great if had something which also fills out the healthy category? Don’t be thinking, because we have plenty of interesting details to share with you about an authentic snack from south India. Yes, you might have guessed it from the title itself! We are going to reveal some facts about tapioca chips that you might not have learned before.

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So free up yourself and be ready to pop your eyes! You will be amazed to see that tapioca chips are more than just a yummy and crunchy snack. Check them out below!


Important source of protein

We have seen vegans hitching to get the right amount of protein from every possible source. You can add something interesting to your diet for gaining the right amount of protein. Tapioca chips have good amount of protein which can provide the benefits needed by human body.

Free from allergens

Unlike few natural ingredients, which have certain allergens in them, tapioca is free from all. Also, the tapioca flour is one such ingredient which can be found in many gluten-free products. Hence, you can consume tapioca chips without worrying about any allergic responses from your immune system.

Rich in fibre

If you think tapioca will give you a feeling of congestion in the stomach, then you are wrong! It has dietary fibres which can clean the excessive accumulation in your stomach or intestine. This will not give you the feeling of fullness and will also not cause constipation.

Maintains ionic balance

It is a rich source of calcium and is low in sodium. Due to this balanced ionic composition, it is very helpful for health. While the presence of calcium assists blood clot, nervous system, and muscle contraction, a lesser amount of sodium maintains normal blood pressure. So you need not worry about having any such related issues.

Reduction in birth defects

tapioca chips

Pregnant women are advised to consume folic acid to avoid birth defects. You will be surprised to know that tapioca has good amount vitamin B – complex and folic acid. You can consume this yummy tapioca wafers and take folic acid naturally into your body.

Protection against Alzheimer’s

Vitamin K influences our mental health in a very significant manner. The more appropriate amount of vitamin K you have in your diet, the lesser the chances of encountering Alzheimer’s in future. Tapioca has a good amount of vitamin K which helps in keeping the neural activity in pace so that every stimulus reaches your brain on time. This also keeps the brain cell healthy.

Healthy weight gain

There are many people who have an extremely lean body and they really want to gain some muscles. Also, tapioca is rumoured to be a heavy snack which causes a sudden gain in weight. Well yes, it, of course, helps you in gaining weight but not through accumulated lipids and cholesterol. It has enough calories to increase the muscle content without harming your body or making you obese.

Has important minerals

tapioca crisps

Tapioca is rich in minerals. We have already listed few of them in previous points, but it has few more. Tapioca contributes to 8% of total manganese required by your body. In case you didn’t know, manganese plays a crucial role in the metabolic process of your body. Alongside, it also develops tissue and bones.

Similarly, it also has 13% of total required by your body every day. So a bowl of tapioca chips as your evening snack will compensate all the energy you lost in the day’s hustle. As far as the role of iron is concerned, you very well know how important it is for haemoglobin. Hence, it will help you fight anaemia, fatigue, and weakness.

Light and easy to digest

Tapioca chips are extremely light to eat and you will never feel a heaviness in your tummy unless you consume too much of it! These tapioca crisps are easily digestible and maintain a healthy appetite for you.

Energy booster

Since tapioca chips are loaded with carbohydrates, you will never fall short of energy if you consume it on regular basis. This is the only reason, why tapioca chips keep you full for a longer period of time but never makes you lethargic. It is a great source of energy in the world of snacks.


Precautions to be taken with tapioca chips

Yes, we know you are really excited to try out these chips and include them in your diet as soon as possible. But, there is one thing which is very important to know about tapioca. It develops from Cassava plant, which is known to produce traces of cyanide. As you know, cyanide is extremely poisonous neurotoxin you should not try to make tapioca chips at home.

It is advisable to buy tapioca chips online from a trusted snacks seller. It has to undergo a number of processes and refining before the root is sliced into chips and fried. Also, there are some wild species of cassava which may cause critical poisoning in your body. A large number of tapioca chips are prepared after selecting the good quality cassava roots by expert and knowledgeable people.


Therefore, after knowing these beneficial facts about tapioca chips, you must refer these to your friends and relatives who are a great fan of chips. Get a pack of tapioca chips for yourself now and enjoy it with your friends and family. If you are too conscious about weight gain, just have 4 to 5 pieces of chips and work it out. Stay healthy, stay fit, and stay active! Let us know if you have some bonus tips about tapioca chips. We would love to hear from you.


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Top 5 Kerala snacks that you will love

Indian cuisine is diverse in itself. It is like several cuisines within one! Food of every region and state has different taste and unique characteristics. When you closely look at them, you will find a lovely combination of same ingredients in various ways. And outcome of the same is of course worth appreciating. In this context, we will be focusing on traditional Kerala snacks which are famous worldwide. The richness and soothing flavors of coconut in Kerala snacks are worth giving a try. So let us talk about some of the favorite snacks from Kerala and know about them in detail.


Banana chips

kerala snacks

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One cannot talk about Kerala cuisine without mentioning banana chips at least once. It is one of the most loved Kerala snacks for kids. The crunchiness and amazing flavor of banana chips is unbeatable. One can definitely not stop themselves from falling in love with this snack. There are different recreations of banana chips if you want to bring about a twist in your usual routine of snacks.

Talking about nutritional value of banana chips, it has potassium that comes from banana. This helps in regulating the blood pressure and ionic balance of our body. Also, we know that banana chips are fried in coconut oil. Hence, the antibacterial and antioxidant properties of coconut will also increase the immunity. One can sprinkle some pepper/black salt/table salt over these chips and enjoy with hot or coffee.


Sweet banana chips

kerala food

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As we talk about banana chips, it would be unfair if we didn’t mention about the sweet ones. Yes, these are special banana chips which are prominently available in Kerala. While the salty ones are made with raw bananas, these are prepared with ripened ones. Hence, the sweetness quotient remains intact.

The ripened bananas are sliced and fried in coconut oil with added sugar. Hints of spices are also added in some cases to enhance the taste of this wonderful Kerala snacks. It is served by Malayalis on all occasions ranging from festivals to house parties and marriages. Again, the nutrition and minerals of banana gets retained in these sweet chips.


Sharkara Varatti

kerala recipes

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Talking about the recreations of banana chips, one cannot miss out on this mouth watering Kerala snacks. It is a unique version of banana chips which is coated with jaggery and has flavors of ginger and cardamom. It is exclusively restocked for the festival of Onam and is loved by every resident of South India. These are prepared by making slightly thick slices of raw bananas and are fried in coconut oil until they turn golden brown. It is coated with appropriate consistency of jaggery which is fused with flavors of ginger and cardamom.

Looking at the nutritional value, we all know that jaggery gives required warmth to body and helps in maintaining the metabolic activities. On the other hand, ginger is also one of the best anti-inflammatory substances which can also provide immunity against mild infections. Cardamom is another magical ingredient which can cure intestinal problems and constipation.


Kerala pakkavada

kerala cuisine

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Kerala snacks are incomplete without this delicious savory that comes in various shapes and sizes. The best of all is this Kerala pakkavada. It is a crunchy and little bit spicy which can please your taste buds in just one bite. Mostly seen in ribbon shape, this snack can also be consumed alongside spicy biryani or usual fried rice.

It is prepared with a blend of rice flour as well as chickpea flour (besan) kneaded into a semi solid dough. Chilli, turmeric, and some salt are added to bring about a wonderful taste in this Kerala snacks. There are equipments available in market through which it oozes out in ribbon shape. The best part about this snack, is that it gets cooked in less oil and is also very healthy and tasty.


Kerala mixture

Kerala snacks for kids

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Did someone say Kerala mixtures? Yes! How can we leave this behind? Mixtures and its unique elements have been favorite snacks to binge upon since forever. The roasted peanuts, the fried curry leaves and flavor of garlic is unforgettable at any cost.

These are prepared and fried separately and then mixed with each other to form a perfect blend of Kerala snacks in one platter. Any get together, party, or festival is dull without Kerala mixture. People from across the Indian subcontinent have expressed their fondness towards this mixture and they have totally loved its taste.


After exploring these five favorite Kerala snacks, many of you must have already ordered it online. We are lucky enough, because we can buy Kerala snacks online without much difficulty. So we would love to know which one of these are your favorite Kerala snacks. Share your feedback with us and we will come up with another exciting blog for you.