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Banana chips – One of the most nutritional snack from South India

Banana Chips


banana chips

High in nutrition, good in aroma and excellent in taste is what I would call Banana chips. These are one of the traditional tea time snacks all the way from Kerala. Prepared using pure coconut oil and freshly cut raw or ripe banana. The recipe itself varies from region to region within Kerala but each recipe has its own USP and is admired in each and every part of the country. These are not only served as a snack but as a special ingredient during occasions like marriage. The traditional touch and the sweet, sour taste of the crispy brown yellow chips make it one of the mouthwatering products from Kerala.

Bananas are sliced into thin pieces and deep fried in coconut oil to give it that golden yellow colour. This process helps the chips to retain its aroma and taste for a longer period. Banana chips prepared carefully using fresh oil and fresh banana would last for more than 30 days without being affected by the climatic conditions if stored in a dry container. Even though it is deep fried, it does not cause harm to your health because of the ingredients used and various health benefits of banana. It contains coconut oil without any preservative or additional contamination. Coconut oil is a proven medicine for a number of ailments. It helps in hair growth and makes them darker and shinier. It is also used as cooking oil in almost all the houses of Kerala. Apart from Coconut oil, Bananas are itself a good source of protein and other nutrients. So, the combination of these two makes it a healthy snack that can be enjoyed without worrying about any health issues.

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