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7 Unexpected snacks to recreate with banana chips

banana chips

Who does not like to cheer up their mood with banana chips after a long tiring day? It has always been the most preferred snacks of all time. Be it with tea or coffee; banana chips goes along with all types of drinks and beverages perfectly. Since we are already impressed with this versatile snack, we thought of trying it in different ways. Now that will create a pop-up in your mind asking what are those different ways. Let us make it clear for you!

Usually, banana chips are taken in baked, salted, and fried form. And it is so yummy that we hardly thought of recreating something with banana chips. But now, to enhance your snacking time we have recreated the form in which banana chips are consumed. But before that, let us take a look at few points about banana chips.

An overview

Banana crisps

Banana chips are commonly used as a snack in India, Indonesia, as well as the Philippines. Most of the times, it is prepared with unripe bananas by frying the sun-dried bananas. It is one of the most nutritious snacks because banana chips are loaded with potassium, magnesium, and carbohydrates. The best of banana chips are found in Kerala when they come out freshly fried in coconut oil. It is worth a try!

Recreations with Banana chips

As we already mentioned, here we will let you know about some of the amazing snacks which you can prepare with the help of these chips. Take a look and serve a fantastic delicacy to your kids every evening. Check them out!

Spicy banana crisps

It is one of the easiest things to try when you are bored or hungry. Just mix half teaspoon chilli powder, pepper powder, black salt, dried mango powder, and homemade cumin powder. Take a bowl full of banana chips and sprinkle this mixture. Toss the banana chips and serve these spicy wafers during the rainy season along with hot coffee or tea.

Caramelized chips

Doesn’t it sound interesting? Yes, certainly! Anything in caramelized form reaches to another level without any doubt. All you have to do is melt 3 tablespoons of sugar and add 2 tablespoons of milk cream in that. Prepare caramel and toss one by one banana chips in the caramel. You will get a delicious combination of sweet and salty snacks.

One can also use jaggery, which is really common in Kerala during Onam. Sweet banana chips are really yummy when the sweet part is added by jaggery.

Honey chilli banana wafers

Fried bananas

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This is just another form of caramelized chips with a small twist. But, the point is that you will love having this wonderful snack. Just heat few teaspoons of honey and add chilli flakes to it along with some soy sauce. Again, toss chips into it and have it before it becomes soft. You will love the tangy and sweet flavour in the crispy chips. Can you imagine the taste right now? We hope you have added this recipe to your to-do list.

Banana chips and sauce

This is already a much-known method of consuming chips in Mexican culture. So why not try it in Kerala style? It will be yum! Add olive oil, chilli flakes, sauces, mayonnaise, and chopped tomatoes. Mix it well to prepare a yummy side dish for your Indian nacho. Now, you can use it as a dip and it will go perfectly with banana chips.

Cheesy fried banana chips

Banana chips

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Who doesn’t love cheese? It has the power to take anything to another level. Ever thought of adding a bonus to your chips with the help of cheese? If not, then do it now! Add a layer of mozzarella cheese along with red pasta sauce and oregano sprinklers. Then spread a layer of banana chips properly and then add cheese spread along with another layer of mozzarella and oregano sprinklers. This will prove to be a yummy combination of chips and it can cheer up the mood of any person. Bake it accordingly and serve it hot. This is undoubtedly the best way to have banana chips in a crisp form.

Double fried banana chips

This may seem a bit oily but not unhealthy. If you have baked chips, then you can heat 3 teaspoons of olive oil and add oregano and chilli flakes to it. Then turn off the gas and add two tablespoons of cheese spread. Mix it well to prepare the thick mixture and toss the chips in this while it is hot. This will definitely provide a yummy coating to your chips and you can enjoy it like never before.

Indian style masala chips

There are innumerable fans of Indian pickles and one cannot deny this fact. So we thought of bringing a fusion of chips and pickles. Just coat the layer pickle on banana chips and bake it for about 4 minutes. Allow it to dry over the chips and then you can have it with mayonnaise or some other dip. This can be your Indian style masala chips and you can serve it in crispy form.


Hence, after looking at all these recreations of banana chips, we can come to a conclusion that taste buds have no boundaries. One can experiment as many things as possible. Little did we know that banana chips could be used in such wonderful ways. If you are already a fan of banana chips then you will love trying out these new recipes which are yummier than before. So try out these amazing tricks and let us know few more if you have any. We would love to publish another set of recreations in the same way!

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Health benefits of eating traditional snacks


With the change in time and introduction of new food items, our habit of eating has seen a tremendous change. We have completely ignored our traditional snacks and shifted our interest towards other eatables. It is really sad that today’s generation has failed to understand the importance of consuming traditional snacks. We no longer see kids getting excited about the laddus made by their grandmothers. Instead, they would love to have French fries and burger from outside. In this context, we have taken a small effort to rejuvenate the trend of traditional snacks. It is high time we should bring back the essence of our tradition in snack ideas.


What is exactly a traditional snack?

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The staple food is the best concept to understand the importance of traditional snack. The staple is the common food which is consumed by people of a particular area. It is based on the climatic condition and soil of that respective area. Have you ever wondered why Chhole Bhature is concerned with Punjab and Pav Bhaaji with Maharashtra? Give it a thought!

Similarly, traditional snacks are concerned with people of different culture and belonging to different parts of our country. It has more or less, staple ingredients in them with more taste and health benefits. It is obvious traditional snack will improve your health and turn you into a more productive individual.

Why should traditional snacks be preferred?

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There are many amazing benefits of consuming traditional as well as healthy snacks. One should not limit their choices to certain brand names and preference of taste buds. It is always good to explore traditional snack recipes. It may not be as delicious or cheesy as other snacks but will satisfy you in terms of health. Let us jump into the benefits of the same!

Doesn’t make you fat

The best part about consuming traditional snack is that it does not add much fat to your diet. When you closely take a look at the entire range of Indian snacks, you will see nutrition value in each of them. Our ancestors accordingly prepared these snacks by keeping health benefits in mind.

Better nutrition in less effort

Traditional snacks are extremely easy to make and will help you cope up with the energy loss in the body. It is made up of healthy ingredients which contribute significantly in boosting up your energy. It has balanced amount of carbohydrate, protein, fibre, and fat.

Too light to make you feel heavy

Usually, we sense a feeling of heaviness in our stomach after consuming the ready-to-eat snacks in a packaged form. This will not be the case when you have your traditional snacks. It will keep you light and will be easily digestible for your stomach because of its balanced nutrition value.

Preserves your mental health

We already mentioned that canned snacks are likely to make you lethargic. It may not be wise for students and young working professionals to consume such snacks. It will reduce your focus and you will start feeling drowsy after few hours of consuming it.

Long lasting and portable

Have you ever noticed the viability of Indian snacks? Let us particularly focus on south Indian snacks. Buy crunchy murukkus and you can travel the entire nation without missing burger and pasta. Traditional snacks are really long lasting. They do not easily get affected by fungus and microbes if cooked properly.

Myths and facts about snacking

There are several rumoured facts that we come across about snacks available to us. Is it necessary to believe or do research about each one of them? Certainly not! If you want to believe anything, just remember that “it’s all in mind.” Believe this fact and you will never complain about negative effects of snacking.

It is clinically proven that if you take appropriate snacks in subsequent quantities then you are likely to gain 72% less weight. One must know the technique of combining yum with healthy ingredients. If you love cheese, you can consume it along with a salad. This will help you in compensating the fat, vitamins, fibre, and carbohydrates.

Similarly, one must eat the traditional snack when hungry after breakfast or before dinner. It will prevent accumulation of abdominal fat. We have been repeating the fact that traditional Indian snacks are made from the staple raw ingredients. Hence, it will hardly add extra calories to your body.

Who said reducing the portion of your meal will flatten the curves of your body? It is all about balancing your calories and maintaining the nutrition value. There are people who consume two meals and feel lethargic. But, there are also people who consume three meals and three snacks and still manage to maintain their flat tummy. The mantra is to increase the frequency of intake and work enough to balance the calories.

Properties of an ideal traditional snack

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How can we not let our readers know this important part about snacks? One must know the food they eat and only then it will be possible to balance the nutrients in your body.

  • It should be lighter than your regular meal.
  • It should not make you feel drowsy, lethargic, or heavy.
  • Consuming 3 ounces of traditional snack should comfort your feeling of hunger.
  • One should be able to prepare it with limited ingredients in less time also.
  • It should remain safe from getting rotted for at least a week.


Hence, after analyzing the importance of traditional snacks, it is our duty to aware other people, especially youngsters, regarding this. For a healthy and productive living, one should take good care of eating habits. We are living in an era of modernization and food items are available in tetra packs, tin cans, etc. But is it really safe for your health? Are you doing justice to your body by relying on such stuff? Think about it and your conscience will prick you. Traditional snack is one of the most sustainable food items that will not only satisfy your hunger but will also nourish your body. Adopt this healthy habit from now and we wish you happy snacking!

External References


Traditional Indian Snacks with health benefits


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The best ways to utilize filter coffee


When the coffee kicks in and you realize what a wonderful day you are going to have! Isn’t it amazing that a good just makes your day like nothing else? It is one beverage which is loved by every individual in some or the other form. South Indian filter coffee is worldwide known for its strong aroma and taste. Although we have renowned brands that serve the top-notch quality of coffee, the authentic filter coffee from Kerala is something you can’t stop admiring.

We have come across several tips and tricks to make your coffee tastier. Here, we will let you know about other benefits and uses of filter coffee which can help you out in daily life. Are you excited to know them? Check them out below!


Health benefits of filter coffee

Filter coffee is loaded with innumerable health benefits which many of us don’t know. It is high time to stop calling coffee lovers a coffee addict because this habit is worth adopting. Let us check out some health benefits of filter coffee.

Improvement in physical activity

The caffeine content of coffee bean improves your physical performance by 11 to 12%. It levels up the adrenaline in your body and activates your muscle to perform well. You can also protect yourself from physical stress.

Weight loss properties

The caffeine content has the capacity to break down your fat into simpler molecules which can further be used for body functions.

Fights cancer

The content of filter coffee is known for reducing the risk of prostate cancer in men by 20% and endometrial cancer in women by 25%. People who consume at least two cups of coffee on regular basis have a lower risk of suffering from such cancers.

Keeps your brain active for a long time

As we all are aware that coffee can reduce the mental fatigue due to caffeine, it is important to highlight its significant role for your healthy brain. It not only keeps you active but also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

One of the major antioxidants

Filter coffee protects your body from getting damaged by the oxidation reaction due to the production of free radicals. It neutralizes the effects to a greater extent.

Low in sugar content

Cocoa bean has lesser sugar content and hence, it also plays a wonderful role in protecting you from type-II diabetes.


Uses of filter coffee in day to day life

Many people are not in favour of using filter coffee because they find it tiring to use filter coffee machine and processes related to it. We agree that it may demand some time from your daily routine, but have you tried to explore more about the uses of leftover filter coffee decoction? Not yet? Then don’t keep any preconceived thoughts about filter coffee, because we have got amazing tricks out of leftover filter coffee grains. Have a glance!

Take your dishes to another level

So you thought that leftover filter coffee grain was of no use in recipes? Well, you will be amazed after reading these wonderful short recipe tricks.

  • You can replace filter coffee grains with cocoa powder while preparing brownies.
  • Add these grains to your ice cream and have a homemade choco delight.
  • Oatmeal no more be boring! Start saving these leftover grains and add them in oatmeal for making a phenomenal breakfast.

Most of you would definitely want to rush to try these dishes but wait right there. We have got some more ways of utilizing filter coffee leftover grains. Do not miss them, just keep reading!

DIY Personal Care

We have seen several cosmetic products with coffee in their constituent. Why go for an artificially synthesized one when you can use the fresh ones? Check out these personal care tricks of filter coffee.

  • Coffee is good for skin; both from inside as well as outside. Just make a scrub out of it by mixing it with other natural ingredients which are suitable for your skin. They are the best skin exfoliating agent.
  • Just dry the leftover grains and grind them into the fine powder. Mix it with arrowroot powder and make a perfect natural compact powder for you. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Also, you can use the grains to exfoliate other parts of your body. It will do no harm.

Already feeling excited? Let us add some more ideas to your list. Read the last section of this blog post.

Day to day help from filter coffee grains

Now, that you have seen some of the unique yet obvious facts of filter coffee grains, let us take you to another place. Ever thought of cleaning your grill using filter coffee? Well, start noting down these points right now!

  • The best way to use leftover filter coffee is by feeding your plants with some fresh natural manure. Just mix it in adequate quantity with your mud and see your garden all cheered up.
  • The artists obviously survive on coffee during their long working hours and commissions. Try converting your 100 to 300 GSM paper into a completely artistic one by dyeing them with these filter coffee grains.
  • When your dishes have turned too greasy, just scrub it with these leftover grains and see the magic.
  • Also, it removes the scratches from your wooden artefacts and furniture. No, it won’t do the healing job, but then you will not have to spend bucks on the natural wood color dye. Interesting, no?


Pro Tip: Use the coffee grains in significant quantity for each of the above-mentioned tricks. It is acidic in nature and has a good amount of heat content. Hence, it is always advisable to use this magical ingredient in suitable quantity.

What are you waiting for? Buy filter coffee online and be the smartest human version of coffee maker. The above-mentioned tips will undoubtedly help you in simplifying your day to day needs.