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The best ways to utilize filter coffee


When the coffee kicks in and you realize what a wonderful day you are going to have! Isn’t it amazing that a good just makes your day like nothing else? It is one beverage which is loved by every individual in some or the other form. South Indian filter coffee is worldwide known for its strong aroma and taste. Although we have renowned brands that serve the top-notch quality of coffee, the authentic filter coffee from Kerala is something you can’t stop admiring.

We have come across several tips and tricks to make your coffee tastier. Here, we will let you know about other benefits and uses of filter coffee which can help you out in daily life. Are you excited to know them? Check them out below!


Health benefits of filter coffee

Filter coffee is loaded with innumerable health benefits which many of us don’t know. It is high time to stop calling coffee lovers a coffee addict because this habit is worth adopting. Let us check out some health benefits of filter coffee.

Improvement in physical activity

The caffeine content of coffee bean improves your physical performance by 11 to 12%. It levels up the adrenaline in your body and activates your muscle to perform well. You can also protect yourself from physical stress.

Weight loss properties

The caffeine content has the capacity to break down your fat into simpler molecules which can further be used for body functions.

Fights cancer

The content of filter coffee is known for reducing the risk of prostate cancer in men by 20% and endometrial cancer in women by 25%. People who consume at least two cups of coffee on regular basis have a lower risk of suffering from such cancers.

Keeps your brain active for a long time

As we all are aware that coffee can reduce the mental fatigue due to caffeine, it is important to highlight its significant role for your healthy brain. It not only keeps you active but also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

One of the major antioxidants

Filter coffee protects your body from getting damaged by the oxidation reaction due to the production of free radicals. It neutralizes the effects to a greater extent.

Low in sugar content

Cocoa bean has lesser sugar content and hence, it also plays a wonderful role in protecting you from type-II diabetes.


Uses of filter coffee in day to day life

Many people are not in favour of using filter coffee because they find it tiring to use filter coffee machine and processes related to it. We agree that it may demand some time from your daily routine, but have you tried to explore more about the uses of leftover filter coffee decoction? Not yet? Then don’t keep any preconceived thoughts about filter coffee, because we have got amazing tricks out of leftover filter coffee grains. Have a glance!

Take your dishes to another level

So you thought that leftover filter coffee grain was of no use in recipes? Well, you will be amazed after reading these wonderful short recipe tricks.

  • You can replace filter coffee grains with cocoa powder while preparing brownies.
  • Add these grains to your ice cream and have a homemade choco delight.
  • Oatmeal no more be boring! Start saving these leftover grains and add them in oatmeal for making a phenomenal breakfast.

Most of you would definitely want to rush to try these dishes but wait right there. We have got some more ways of utilizing filter coffee leftover grains. Do not miss them, just keep reading!

DIY Personal Care

We have seen several cosmetic products with coffee in their constituent. Why go for an artificially synthesized one when you can use the fresh ones? Check out these personal care tricks of filter coffee.

  • Coffee is good for skin; both from inside as well as outside. Just make a scrub out of it by mixing it with other natural ingredients which are suitable for your skin. They are the best skin exfoliating agent.
  • Just dry the leftover grains and grind them into the fine powder. Mix it with arrowroot powder and make a perfect natural compact powder for you. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Also, you can use the grains to exfoliate other parts of your body. It will do no harm.

Already feeling excited? Let us add some more ideas to your list. Read the last section of this blog post.

Day to day help from filter coffee grains

Now, that you have seen some of the unique yet obvious facts of filter coffee grains, let us take you to another place. Ever thought of cleaning your grill using filter coffee? Well, start noting down these points right now!

  • The best way to use leftover filter coffee is by feeding your plants with some fresh natural manure. Just mix it in adequate quantity with your mud and see your garden all cheered up.
  • The artists obviously survive on coffee during their long working hours and commissions. Try converting your 100 to 300 GSM paper into a completely artistic one by dyeing them with these filter coffee grains.
  • When your dishes have turned too greasy, just scrub it with these leftover grains and see the magic.
  • Also, it removes the scratches from your wooden artefacts and furniture. No, it won’t do the healing job, but then you will not have to spend bucks on the natural wood color dye. Interesting, no?


Pro Tip: Use the coffee grains in significant quantity for each of the above-mentioned tricks. It is acidic in nature and has a good amount of heat content. Hence, it is always advisable to use this magical ingredient in suitable quantity.

What are you waiting for? Buy filter coffee online and be the smartest human version of coffee maker. The above-mentioned tips will undoubtedly help you in simplifying your day to day needs.


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