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5 occasions where you should start serving Banana chips

banana chips

banana chips


Banana chips is one of the most famous and traditional snack of South India. It is equally loved and accepted in other parts of the country and has a great demand even outside India.

So, here I am going to quote 5 events and occasions where you should be serving Banana chips

  1. Onam

    Onam is a very special festival for Keralites or Malayalis. This is the day when malayalis celebrate to the fullest and do all the traditional stuffs. They wear traditional clothes, distribute sweets and serve a variety of dishes on banana leaf.

    Along with the variety of dishes and sweets, serving banana chips is also a tradition. So, during the occasion of Onam, you can serve banana chips to your neighbours and relative and make your onam even better. The best thing is kids like banana chips a lot and they would definitely enjoy your onam sadhya.

  2. Birthday

    Is it your birthday in the coming week or month? Or someone else’s in your family or friend circle? It is obvious that we treat our friends and family members by taking them out for a good lunch or at least some good snacks. So, why to miss the King of snacks – banana chips in this special occasion? Go healthy and inspire your friend and family circle to adopt a similar lifestyle.

    You will notice that all the kids and even aged people attending your birthday party would love the crispy and mouth-watering taste of authentic South Indian banana chips. They will definitely thank you for the special treat you have given them and will never forget the experience they had.

  3. Diwali

    Diwali or deepawali is a special occasion celebrated in all the parts of India. This is also an occasion where people gift sweets and snacks to their relatives and friends. So, why not choose a better and healthy alternative to sweets? Why not gift a unique south Indian product that is already very famous and has a good demand all over the world? Yes, a packet of banana chips along with other snacks will definitely make your gift a special and unique one. Try it and you will find that everyone loves your idea of gifting banana chips and would definitely inquire you about the source of the idea. Do mention this blog post 🙂

  4. Tea time snack

    Apart from using banana chips for special occasions, you can definitely consume them as a tea time snack everyday. You will never get bored of eating them. This is the speciality of the ingredient used in preparing banana chips. The authentic and 100% pure coconut oil is used for making freshly cut raw banana into banana chips. Adequate amount of salt and other spices adds to the traditional aroma and mouth-watering taste.

  5. Companion to regular meals

    Yes, you can serve banana chips as a companion to regular meals or lunch. It goes well with rice and curry. Instead of pappadam or papad, you can serve banana chips which are a tastier and healthier option.
    Also, Instead of having sweets at the end of the meal, you can serve banana chips. It will be the preferred option for any health conscious guest or family member when compare to other unhealthy sweets and chocolates.

These are just the main occasions when you can serve banana chips to make your guest happy. There need not be a reason to serve banana chips as they can be had without a special reason.

Share your thoughts with us about how you would prefer to serve banana chips to your guests and in what occasions.

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5 amazing facts about jackfruit chips that will keep you up at night

healthy jackfruit chips


Gone are the days when chips were just a thing to binge on. Now, most of the people are shifting towards healthy and organic food. And here is one of the healthiest and crunchiest chips that you can imagine! Yes, we are talking of the jackfruit chips. It is made out of the selected jackfruits which are as healthy and tasty as banana chips or any other healthy snack you can think of. Here are some amazing facts about jackfruit chips that would help you chose the right snack for your coffee.

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An awesome source of energy to fuel up your body

jackfruit chips

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Jackfruit is a rich source of carbohydrates and sugars that would give you a quick shot of energy. For all those who are concerned about diabetes can have this snack without any fear. In short, If you are starving for some good source of energy and have the delight of eating a snack, then just go for Jackfruit chips.

Maintains your immune system

jackfruit chips healthy

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Jackfruit chips contains vitamin C and is a great antioxidant. Antioxidants are required to boost up the body’s immune system. So, next time you have a handful of jackfruit chips with your tea / coffee, just be relaxed because you are actually building up your immune system while enjoying your evening snack.

Good for your heart

jackfruit chips healthy heart

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If you are more concerned about your little pump that keeps your body alive (I mean heart), then Jackfruit chips are the best ones to go for when you consider having some snacks. Jackfruit chips are good source of Potassium and potassium is required by our body for the proper functioning of the muscles including your heart muscles. So, jackfruit chips helps in meeting the potassium requirements of the body and hence helps reduce the risk of heart strokes and attacks.

Helps in improving digestion

jackfruit chips healthy digestion

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Yes, you heard it right. These chips are very good source of fibre and it is necessary for human body to maintain proper digestion. So, more the fibre, better the digestion. Finally a snack that feeds your stomach and keeps it healthy and active.

Having skin problems? Try jackfruit chips

jackfruit chips healthy skin

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Increasing pollution is making our skin age faster. Ageing also depends on free radicals present inside our body. It is scientifically true that antioxidants produced by snacks like jackfruit chips help in destroying the free radicals which further slows down the ageing process. Hence, now you know what to do for maintaining a younger looking skin, don’t you?

Hope the above information helps you make an informed decision while selecting your evening snack next time. Eat healthy and stay fit. Visit The South Indian Store ( and select from a wide range of healthy and tasty snacks.

Here is a infographic that summarizes the top 5 health benefits of Jackfruit.



Want to make jackfruit chips at home? Here is a quick recipe by

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Top 5 reasons why you should use coconut oil

benefits of coconut oil


Coconut oil is considered to be the best edible oil that doesn’t have any side effect unlike other processed edible oils like sunflower oil, refined oil, etc. There was a decade long debate on the pros and cons of using coconut oil for daily consumption and it was assumed that coconut oil has trans fat that can increase the risk of heart disease. This has been proved 100% wrong by recent studies and another research shows that coconut oil is better than any other edible oil when it comes to cooking and daily consumption. Here are the top 5 ways you can use Coconut oil in your daily diet to increase your productivity


1. Coconut oil has the right fat for you




Yes, I am right and there are evidences out there that can prove my point. Refined oils are generally processed oil and has high content of unsaturated fats. If we compare 100gm of sunflower oil and coconut oil, sunflower oil has approximately 90% unsaturated fat whereas coconut oil has only 8-10% unsaturated fat. Unsaturated fat is not good for your heart and hence should be avoided whereas saturated fat contained in coconut oil is good for your heart and health and can be consumed on a daily basis without any side effects. The more healthy your heart is, the more productive you will be.


2. Boosts your immunity




Coconut oil is a rich source of healthy fatty acids. These acids are further processed by our body and helps in fighting against disease causing viruses and bacteria. It has been observed that people using coconut oil as a regular cooking oil are healthier than those who use ordinary refined oil for cooking.


 3. Helps in Digestion



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Coconut oil is among one of the best ingredients that you can add to your food to support easy digestion. It is a great remedy for those who are suffering from bloating and other digestive disorders. The healthy fatty acids contained in coconut oil fights against the bacteria and microbes that cause digestive problems.


4. Helps in weight loss


coconut oil and belly fat

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Coconut oil can be used as an alternative to your usual edible and cooking oil if you are planning to lose some extra kilos from your belly. Coconut oil is easily digestible and also helps in reducing belly fat. This is a great news for those who loves to eat fried and oil rich food but are planning to lose weight.


5. Best Natural hair oil


coconut oil hair

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Coconut oil is among the best oil you can use for your hairs. It has been scientifically proved that coconut oil helps in hair growth, provides necessary strength to your hairs and also helps in increasing the shine and retains the natural color of your hair. It is an all in one hair treatment oil that also helps in fighting against scalp issues and dandruff.