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Different Snack And Sweet Items That You Can Serve To Guests This Holiday Season!

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December is here and we’re all gearing up for holiday times. Holidays always mean lots of get-together and family parties. How about serving something different to your guests this time? Let me introduce you to some sweet and snack  items that you can serve your guests and I believe they’ll love them!

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10 Reasons tapioca chips are amazingly good for your health

Find your soul snacks and fill your tummy hard! But wouldn’t it be great if had something which also fills out the healthy category? Don’t be thinking, because we have plenty of interesting details to share with you about an authentic snack from south India. Yes, you might have guessed it from the title itself! We are going to reveal some facts about tapioca chips that you might not have learned before.

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So free up yourself and be ready to pop your eyes! You will be amazed to see that tapioca chips are more than just a yummy and crunchy snack. Check them out below!


Important source of protein

We have seen vegans hitching to get the right amount of protein from every possible source. You can add something interesting to your diet for gaining the right amount of protein. Tapioca chips have good amount of protein which can provide the benefits needed by human body.

Free from allergens

Unlike few natural ingredients, which have certain allergens in them, tapioca is free from all. Also, the tapioca flour is one such ingredient which can be found in many gluten-free products. Hence, you can consume tapioca chips without worrying about any allergic responses from your immune system.

Rich in fibre

If you think tapioca will give you a feeling of congestion in the stomach, then you are wrong! It has dietary fibres which can clean the excessive accumulation in your stomach or intestine. This will not give you the feeling of fullness and will also not cause constipation.

Maintains ionic balance

It is a rich source of calcium and is low in sodium. Due to this balanced ionic composition, it is very helpful for health. While the presence of calcium assists blood clot, nervous system, and muscle contraction, a lesser amount of sodium maintains normal blood pressure. So you need not worry about having any such related issues.

Reduction in birth defects

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Pregnant women are advised to consume folic acid to avoid birth defects. You will be surprised to know that tapioca has good amount vitamin B – complex and folic acid. You can consume this yummy tapioca wafers and take folic acid naturally into your body.

Protection against Alzheimer’s

Vitamin K influences our mental health in a very significant manner. The more appropriate amount of vitamin K you have in your diet, the lesser the chances of encountering Alzheimer’s in future. Tapioca has a good amount of vitamin K which helps in keeping the neural activity in pace so that every stimulus reaches your brain on time. This also keeps the brain cell healthy.

Healthy weight gain

There are many people who have an extremely lean body and they really want to gain some muscles. Also, tapioca is rumoured to be a heavy snack which causes a sudden gain in weight. Well yes, it, of course, helps you in gaining weight but not through accumulated lipids and cholesterol. It has enough calories to increase the muscle content without harming your body or making you obese.

Has important minerals

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Tapioca is rich in minerals. We have already listed few of them in previous points, but it has few more. Tapioca contributes to 8% of total manganese required by your body. In case you didn’t know, manganese plays a crucial role in the metabolic process of your body. Alongside, it also develops tissue and bones.

Similarly, it also has 13% of total required by your body every day. So a bowl of tapioca chips as your evening snack will compensate all the energy you lost in the day’s hustle. As far as the role of iron is concerned, you very well know how important it is for haemoglobin. Hence, it will help you fight anaemia, fatigue, and weakness.

Light and easy to digest

Tapioca chips are extremely light to eat and you will never feel a heaviness in your tummy unless you consume too much of it! These tapioca crisps are easily digestible and maintain a healthy appetite for you.

Energy booster

Since tapioca chips are loaded with carbohydrates, you will never fall short of energy if you consume it on regular basis. This is the only reason, why tapioca chips keep you full for a longer period of time but never makes you lethargic. It is a great source of energy in the world of snacks.


Precautions to be taken with tapioca chips

Yes, we know you are really excited to try out these chips and include them in your diet as soon as possible. But, there is one thing which is very important to know about tapioca. It develops from Cassava plant, which is known to produce traces of cyanide. As you know, cyanide is extremely poisonous neurotoxin you should not try to make tapioca chips at home.

It is advisable to buy tapioca chips online from a trusted snacks seller. It has to undergo a number of processes and refining before the root is sliced into chips and fried. Also, there are some wild species of cassava which may cause critical poisoning in your body. A large number of tapioca chips are prepared after selecting the good quality cassava roots by expert and knowledgeable people.


Therefore, after knowing these beneficial facts about tapioca chips, you must refer these to your friends and relatives who are a great fan of chips. Get a pack of tapioca chips for yourself now and enjoy it with your friends and family. If you are too conscious about weight gain, just have 4 to 5 pieces of chips and work it out. Stay healthy, stay fit, and stay active! Let us know if you have some bonus tips about tapioca chips. We would love to hear from you.


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5 Ingredients that make black halwa healthy and tasty

Be the reason someone eats good snacks! And here we are!

Sweets have always been lifelong cravings for us. No matter how much sugar rush you have, there is always a special corner for that one sweet. Are you already gulping in the waters in your mouth? Black halwa is something that will keep you awake in the middle of the night and force you to steal a bite from it. We are sure halwa will brighten up your faces and you must be excited to read about it. So here, we bring you the ingredients of black halwa that make it an amazing sweet.


Why black halwa?

black halwa

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We are not being a racist here! It is the amazing colour of jaggery that makes it look dark brown in colour. This halwa is one of the famous Kerala sweets that you can serve anywhere and everywhere. Black halwa is loaded with good and healthy ingredients that enhance the flavours of your mouth. One must try out this yummy black halwa and make their day.


Healthy ingredients of black halwa

Although it is a sweet and a bit heavier, one cannot forget the healthy ingredients hidden in it. Hence, check out the benefits hidden in this yummy black halwa.


Rice flour

The best part about this black halwa is its core ingredient i.e., rice flour. It has a good amount of carbohydrates and is also rich in fibre. The fibre helps in improving your digestive system and prevents constipation. Your liver remains on a healthy track when you have rice flour included in your diet. So, this authentic black halwa all the way from Kerala will not cause any digestive disorders.



Another important element of this Kerala sweet is jaggery. The most favourite sweets are sweetened by jaggery. Be it wrapped around peanuts or embedded in halwa; jaggery enriches the flavour like never before. The best of all is that it prevents constipation by activating certain useful enzymes in your stomach. It also makes your blood thinner and prevents cholesterol or anything from blocking the internal passages.

One of the magical properties of jaggery is its analgesic properties. Be it menstrual cramps or usual headache; jaggery will help in relieving the pain eventually. Also, it is a natural sweetener and what is better than that? Black halwa is rich in jaggery and a bite or two from it will definitely help you with some of your health issues.



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Who is not aware of the goodness in coconut? It has antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties which work like magic. It can help in your digestion, nourishing your skin, and keeping your organs safe from few harmful microbes. Coconut is rich in good cholesterol which avoids the accumulation of excess fat in your body parts.


Cashew nuts

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What is a sweet dish without nuts? Black halwa is taken to another level with cashews in it. Although it is advised for women to eat fewer cashews, two or three pieces will do no harm. When taken in considerable amount, cashews are really beneficial for health.

It has healthy vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin K, and vitamin B6. It keeps your skin healthy and prevents you from becoming anaemic. Cashews have antioxidants which help the enzymes in our body to function properly. Hence, the hint of cashews in our black halwa will soothe your taste buds like never before.




The flavour of cardamom is incredible. Apart from its flavour, it also has properties that will give you health benefits. It relieves the pain you get during acidity, which is also called heartburn. It avoids accumulation of gas in your stomach and neutralizes the spice which you consumed through your meal.

All digestive juices function well because of the hint of cardamom you have in your diet. Black halwa has a very small quantity of cardamom in it, which is only used for flavouring. This will also neutralize the sweetness rush in your body and will make this sweet digestible.


Precautions to be taken with black halwa

We have always supported healthy eating habits. Hence, there are few things you need to keep in mind when you get extremely excited about this authentic sweet from Kerala. Check them out!

  • Black halwa is rich in carbohydrate, so it is advisable for a diabetic person to consume a very little amount of it.
  • People with cholesterol issues should also watch the amount because the halwa is generally prepared in ghee.
  • It is always advisable to eat this black halwa in balanced quantity because too much of it can obviously affect your body.


Thus, after exploring the healthy ingredients, we can assure ourselves about this sweet. The best part about black halwa is that it fits all occasions. You can serve it during the marriage ceremony, birthdays, usual get together parties, kitty parties, routine dinner, etc. You can also consume a small amount of it as a snack. So what are you waiting for? Buy Kerala black halwa online or grab a detailed recipe for it. Do not miss out any opportunity to savour its unbeatable flavour!