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5 Ingredients that make black halwa healthy and tasty

Be the reason someone eats good snacks! And here we are!

Sweets have always been lifelong cravings for us. No matter how much sugar rush you have, there is always a special corner for that one sweet. Are you already gulping in the waters in your mouth? Black halwa is something that will keep you awake in the middle of the night and force you to steal a bite from it. We are sure halwa will brighten up your faces and you must be excited to read about it. So here, we bring you the ingredients of black halwa that make it an amazing sweet.


Why black halwa?

black halwa

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We are not being a racist here! It is the amazing colour of jaggery that makes it look dark brown in colour. This halwa is one of the famous Kerala sweets that you can serve anywhere and everywhere. Black halwa is loaded with good and healthy ingredients that enhance the flavours of your mouth. One must try out this yummy black halwa and make their day.


Healthy ingredients of black halwa

Although it is a sweet and a bit heavier, one cannot forget the healthy ingredients hidden in it. Hence, check out the benefits hidden in this yummy black halwa.


Rice flour

The best part about this black halwa is its core ingredient i.e., rice flour. It has a good amount of carbohydrates and is also rich in fibre. The fibre helps in improving your digestive system and prevents constipation. Your liver remains on a healthy track when you have rice flour included in your diet. So, this authentic black halwa all the way from Kerala will not cause any digestive disorders.



Another important element of this Kerala sweet is jaggery. The most favourite sweets are sweetened by jaggery. Be it wrapped around peanuts or embedded in halwa; jaggery enriches the flavour like never before. The best of all is that it prevents constipation by activating certain useful enzymes in your stomach. It also makes your blood thinner and prevents cholesterol or anything from blocking the internal passages.

One of the magical properties of jaggery is its analgesic properties. Be it menstrual cramps or usual headache; jaggery will help in relieving the pain eventually. Also, it is a natural sweetener and what is better than that? Black halwa is rich in jaggery and a bite or two from it will definitely help you with some of your health issues.



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Who is not aware of the goodness in coconut? It has antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties which work like magic. It can help in your digestion, nourishing your skin, and keeping your organs safe from few harmful microbes. Coconut is rich in good cholesterol which avoids the accumulation of excess fat in your body parts.


Cashew nuts

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What is a sweet dish without nuts? Black halwa is taken to another level with cashews in it. Although it is advised for women to eat fewer cashews, two or three pieces will do no harm. When taken in considerable amount, cashews are really beneficial for health.

It has healthy vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin K, and vitamin B6. It keeps your skin healthy and prevents you from becoming anaemic. Cashews have antioxidants which help the enzymes in our body to function properly. Hence, the hint of cashews in our black halwa will soothe your taste buds like never before.




The flavour of cardamom is incredible. Apart from its flavour, it also has properties that will give you health benefits. It relieves the pain you get during acidity, which is also called heartburn. It avoids accumulation of gas in your stomach and neutralizes the spice which you consumed through your meal.

All digestive juices function well because of the hint of cardamom you have in your diet. Black halwa has a very small quantity of cardamom in it, which is only used for flavouring. This will also neutralize the sweetness rush in your body and will make this sweet digestible.


Precautions to be taken with black halwa

We have always supported healthy eating habits. Hence, there are few things you need to keep in mind when you get extremely excited about this authentic sweet from Kerala. Check them out!

  • Black halwa is rich in carbohydrate, so it is advisable for a diabetic person to consume a very little amount of it.
  • People with cholesterol issues should also watch the amount because the halwa is generally prepared in ghee.
  • It is always advisable to eat this black halwa in balanced quantity because too much of it can obviously affect your body.


Thus, after exploring the healthy ingredients, we can assure ourselves about this sweet. The best part about black halwa is that it fits all occasions. You can serve it during the marriage ceremony, birthdays, usual get together parties, kitty parties, routine dinner, etc. You can also consume a small amount of it as a snack. So what are you waiting for? Buy Kerala black halwa online or grab a detailed recipe for it. Do not miss out any opportunity to savour its unbeatable flavour!

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