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10 quick and healthy snacks recipes to try at home

We are a part of an advancing world where people are extremely busy with their lives. Not watching our food and its health quotient has become a trend these days. We are so much into canned food items and readymade junks that the concept of eating healthy snacks has lost somewhere. But, looking at the present day scenario, it is important to inculcate such habits in our younger generation. We have internet, knowledge, and creativity. Why not make use of it to prepare healthy recipes? We have brought to you some healthy snack ideas that will not only kill your boredom but will also impress your taste buds.


Dry fruit salad

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Ever imagined about it? Everyone loves dry fruits and nuts. Now you can make something healthy and tasty for yourself as well as your kids. Get raisin, almond, walnut, peanut, cashew, pistachio, figs, and other dry fruits that you have around you. Dry roast them in a deep vessel or usual pan. Chop them into small pieces and mix all of them together. Now, whenever you feel hungry, just take two tablespoons of this mixture and add 1 tablespoon honey to it. Mix it and eat this healthy snack instantly. Instead of consuming deep fried or oily snacks, you can prepare this and eat healthily.

Veg Omelet

Now you may wonder, how can an omelette be a vegetarian dish? True! But we will tell you something very unique now. Just soak one bowl rava in water for 10 minutes. Add half bowl chickpea flour or besan to it and bring it to a thick batter like consistency. Now you can add chopped onions, fresh coriander leaves, chopped tomatoes, etc. Add salt to taste and a pinch of turmeric powder. Now, heat pan and spread half teaspoon olive oil. Spread the batter and cook it like a pancake. It will taste exactly like an omelette with a veggie twist. It is one of the best healthy snacks for kids who demand junk food every now and then.

Sweet corn chunks

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Not a very big fan of the usual boiled/roasted sweet corn? We have something new for you. Just grind the sweet corn kernels after boiling and add little bit spices to taste. Take a hand full of it and shape it like a pancake. Heat the pan and spread half teaspoon olive oil. Roast this sweet corn from both the sides for 5 minutes. Sprinkle some lemon juice and enjoy it. Instead of having something cheesy and rich in fat, you can rely upon this delicacy.

Sprout mix

These sprouts hardly fascinate people unless they are in strict dieting mode. But now, we will make it interesting for you. All you have to do is soak soybean seeds, gram, kidney beans, and other sprouts which you like. Boil them with a pinch of salt and turmeric until they turn soft. Add some pepper and olive oil and your sprout mix salad is ready to eat.

Biscuit fudge

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Gone are the days when you craved for having fudge because now we have very interesting and healthy fudge for you. You just need few digestive biscuits and coffee. Prepare black coffee with a little bit of jaggery. Dip the biscuits in the black coffee mixture and soak until it turns soft. Arrange the biscuits in a layer with a little bit of peanut butter in between. The sweet combination of digestive biscuit, coffee, and peanut butter is the best snacks for kids.

Cornflakes with a twist

Who doesn’t like corn flakes? It is something which is loved by everyone. Let us create healthy snacks by adding a twist to it. Roast cornflakes a little more along with peanuts. Add black salt and pepper and toss them nicely in a wide vessel. Enjoy it with a tea or filter coffee.

Banana cake

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Amidst the black forest and chocolate fudge cake, people will hardly think of creating something unbelievable. Mash the bananas and mix it with rice flour. Add brown sugar to it along with a pinch of baking powder. Instead of baking it, just steam the mixture in idly maker or momo steamer. This is one of the healthiest cakes you will ever eat.

Reuse filter coffee grains

Instead of worrying about the workout after consuming chocolate, you can create something healthy from filter coffee grains. Add a teaspoon full of it in milk and make it chocolaty instantly. Instead of taking calories, try to eat healthy snacks which add lesser calories to your body.

Muesli delight

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Muesli is already a very interesting and healthy breakfast in itself. Adding some twist to eat during snack hours will take it to another level. Add some muesli to warm milk and add honey for sweetness. Along with that, you can add chopped cherries, grapes, blueberries, and figs in it. Can you already imagine the taste of this yummy dish? Try it once!

Leafy munch

There are very few people who like green leafy salad or vegetables. In this context, we will tell you something that is very easy and delicious. Take lettuce, cabbage, purple cabbage, some coriander leaves, and spinach. Blanch them in warm water for five minutes and immediately soak it in chilled water. Chop the leaves nicely, add some olive oil, salt, pepper, and chilli flakes. You can always rely on it when feeling hungry.


Therefore, after looking at all these delicious recipes the concept of junk food is totally disproved. A snack can also be healthy and deliver nutrients to your body. Share your idea of healthy snacks and let us know your experience after trying out the above mentioned quick recipes. We are awaiting your feedback on this!

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