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Freshly prepared banana chips from The South Indian Store

Banana chips are one of the widely produced and consumed snacks of South India. It is a traditional snack yet simple to prepare. It has high calorific value and nutrients as the same is prepared using Banana and Coconut oil as the main ingredients. A 100 gm pack of banana chips contains an approximate 500 calories. The major nutrients contained in banana chips are Sodium, Potassium, Protein and Carbohydrate.

Apart from being just a tea time snack, Banana chips are served during special occasions like marriage in most parts of South India. There are different varieties of Banana chips .e.g. the one prepared using raw banana, the one prepared using ripe banana, spicy, sweet, etc. The most famous among these is the one prepared using raw banana. At The South Indian Store, we have tied up with various local and traditional Banana chips makers of South India including Kerala and Tamil Nadu. We supply the freshly prepared banana chips directly from the store where it is prepared and that helps to retain the quality of the banana chips for longer duration.

Freshly prepared Banana chips usually have a life span of more than one month. At The South Indian Store, we pack the chips the same day it is prepared and ship it to our customers so that it can be reached to the destination within a reasonable time. We take special care while packing the banana chips to prevent any leakage and our effort is always to bring the banana chips with its freshness intact.Banana chips are easily available in South India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, etc.). But in North, West and East India, it is quite difficult to find a store that sells Banana chips. Even if there are shops who sell banana chips, they are most likely not as fresh as they must have imported it from south India and they usually maintain a stock of such items due to which the quality of the banana chips is compromised. Also, a huge number of families and individuals from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and other southern parts of the country have migrated to the Northern, Western or Eastern parts. The lack of availability of freshly prepared banana chips and the fact that migrants from south India are always attracted towards banana chips, led us to think and create this store named as The South Indian Store that has been designed and operated as a one stop shop for south Indian products. Visit The South Indian Store today and buy your packet of freshly prepared banana chips and get it delivered to your doorsteps.

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