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5 Pickles that will impress your taste buds

Canning pickles

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Today, we will disclose some of the amazing pickles which are super yummy but are not so mainstream like lime and mango pickle. Every meal is incomplete without pickles and hence, it is considered as the soul food. It has a magical ingredient which tickles your taste bud like no other food. The combination of native spices and oil along with blessings from lord sun renders a perfect pickle. Before we tell you about our unique pickles, let us ponder upon some of the health benefits of same.



Unknown health benefits of pickles


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Due to overflowing oil and stuffed spice, pickle is not considered as healthy. But is it true? We know you are hoping for a ‘no’ and it is certainly a ‘no’. We do agree that it has an excess of spice and oil with extremely tangy flavour. But, it also possesses some unbelievable health benefits that you will love reading about. So let us get started with a handful of them!

  • With so much of sun’s energy trapped into it, pickles are amazing antioxidants for a human body. The raw fruits and vegetable are preserved as it is, and hence their true nutrient value remains intact. It prevents the cellular activity from getting damaged by the attack of free radicals. Pickles have micronutrients which can neutralize the free radicals.
  • A pickle, due to prolonged preservation, becomes a source of probiotic bacteria. These are extremely helpful for your intestine and digestive system. Due to fermented salts and minimum chemical content, the digestive system function is restored.
  • In case you didn’t know, pickle is like a reservoir of nutrients and minerals kept in a jar. It has vitamin A, C, K, folate, iron, calcium, and potassium. All these nutrients combine to cure anaemia and improve your immunity system.
  • For some reason, the acetic acid present in vinegar-based pickles is helpful in improving the haemoglobin content in the blood of diabetic patients. Just make sure, you do not consume salted ones because that may elevate your blood pressure level.
  • Regular consumption of pickles will reduce the effect of highly acidic gastric fluids. It will further protect you from gastric ulcers too.


Now, that you are well-versed with amazing health benefits of pickles, we can list out some yummy pickles for you. Check them out below!


Banana flower pickle

This is an authentic pickle which is prominently available in southern part of India. Banana flowers have a pungent flavour which can add taste to any dish. It is also used to make gravy side dish, but pickles will take your rice and bread to another level. It is helpful for the reproductive health of both men and women. The string-like texture soaked in tangy spices will give you an unbelievable flavour. So grab this pickle recipe as early as possible or buy pickles from a reliable online store.


Curry leaves pickle

Needless to mention, curry leaves are a backbone to entire dishes made in south India. It has a unique flavour which takes any dish to another level. Just imagine the wonders it will do in pickled form! It is rich in fibre, vitamin C, E, and B. It has the capability to reduce hair fall and improve the shade and texture of your hair as well as skin. It also helps in protecting your body from skin and scalp infections.


Stuffed red chilli pickle

It is undoubtedly the best choice when someone is so much into the spice and pickles. Not everyone can complete the red chilli pickle because, though tasty, it is extremely hot. With an amazing blend of spices and naturally fermented salts, the stuffing adds a bonus to your pickle. Red chilli being packed with vitamin C helps in reducing migraine and joint pain. Also, due to its spicy flavour, it relieves you from sinus congestion.


Stuffed olive pickle

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So you thought olives are good on pizza bread? You might have certainly not tasted the stuffed pickle made out of it. We already know the importance of olive oil, hence, it would be needless to elaborate its significance. It is already rich in healthy fat which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis as well as coronary artery disease. The natural tangy taste of olives with finely roasted and grounded spices will be worth spending money on. The natural fermentation of this pickle will increase its shelf life as well as taste.


Bitter gourd pickle

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It is obvious that bitter gourd is not a favourite vegetable to many of us. But, its pickle can be pinned on your cravings’ list if you give it a try. We are all aware of the incredible benefits of this vegetable from Cucurbitaceae family. It is a reservoir of all subdivisions of vitamin B, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, and fibre. Although it tastes bitter, with the combination of aromatic spices and salts, it is worth tasting. It is prepared with a tedious procedure to ensure that only required bitterness is retained in the pickle. Once you taste this pickle, you will never want to run away from bitter gourd.

Bonus Tip: As we are discussing pickles, we would like to give you a small tip for its longevity. Do not touch your pickles with bare hands. Canned pickles are extremely sensitive to fungus, bacteria, and microbes. The ones present on your hand may spoil the entire bottle of the pickle. So take care of that.


Therefore, after having a look at these 5 unique pickles, we know you would definitely want to try them all. There are innumerable varieties of pickles available to us and the most loved are sweet pickles. But, when you will try the above mentioned which are prepared with a different major ingredient, you will love it. Even though it has several benefits, we would request you to consume it in considerable quantities so that it does not create an imbalance in your digestion. Excessive consumption of pickles can harm the enamel of your teeth and also cause piles. So eat wisely and live well. Grab your set of pickles and enjoy the meal with your loved ones.


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