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The 6 best South Indian food that will add unique element to your new year plans

Just like you, we all are excited for our new year plans because we have some amazing South Indian food instant mixes to serve. While some of us have cheat day everyday, there are other set of people who are continuously finding low calorie Indian food. So here, we have some new year plans that will not only satisfy your taste buds but also serve you low calorie Indian food.

Go ahead with this blog because you will thank us for sorting your new year plans with south Indian food. These are the combinations and recipes you never knew existed and we are bringing it to you for the very first time.

Benefits of south Indian food that doesn’t affect your resolution for healthy diet

So before we tell you about making new year plans with south Indian food, we would tell you why! Because there should be reason behind leaving aside pizza and changing your cuisine for your new year plans, right? Hence, here are some benefits of south Indian food that you need to consider in mind.

  • South Indian food is highly rich in protein. Be it anything starting from dosa, sambhar, and idli; you will find it rich in protein. This will turn out to be the best option for health conscious people. The plus point with this plan is that you will not gain calories. It’s like having a cheat day without actually having a cheat diet.
  • The reason why everyone loves south Indian food is because of its fiber content. The fibre makes the food easily digestible without leaving any sign of flatulence. So, your new year is definitely not going to leave you bloated on the very first day of 2019.
  • South Indian food gets easily digested, so in case you want to eat more yummies, you can always have room for it. It gets digested super soon and doesn’t make you lazy or lethargic.
  • One of the most prominent characteristics of south Indian food is that it is perfect diet if you want to lose weight. You can actually binge on south Indian food or snacks and feel totally okay about your body weight.

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South Indian food combination which can make your new year plans better

Now, is the time for some amazing south Indian food combo because in the previous section we have stated enough reasons for you to choose this over other options. Without wasting much time, let’s just jump to explore these amazing combinations that we have for you on our website.

Rava idli with groundnut chutney

Rava idli is just a fancy recreation of normal idli which is a very healthy as well as tasty option for you. You can have this with our instant groundnut chutney mix and serve this lovely combination to your family and friends. In addition to it, you can try our pickles that will just add more taste to your rava idli and groundnut chutney.

Ragi idli with Andhra gun powder

We have seen a lot of people replacing normal carbohydrate with ragi, so why not start your year with a healthy option. We have ragi idli mix for a healthier option, which can be combined with spicy Andhra gun powder. This will just add taste to your one healthy meal and you can enjoy authentic south Indian food.

Adai dosa with Lemon rasam

Adai is a special type of multigrain dosa which not only fulfills your appetite but tastes amazing. This is not similar to your regular dosa, but even better than that. The best part is you can add chopped tomatoes, onions, coriander leaves, and anything you like to our instant mix and make this a vegetarian version of omlet. In order to cheat a little, don’t mind adding some butter or cheese while serving. Can you already feel the water in your mouth?

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We are not done yet because we have to tell you about lemon rasam too! This is a very healthy and refreshing south Indian drink that can be taken alongside rice, idli, dosa, or adai dosa. It is actually considered as a drink which can make you feel better when you are sick with fever or cold. So why not combine the charm of adai dosa with tangy touch from lemon rasam.

Multi millet dosa with Chutney podi

This is the kind of dosa that comes in a dream of every dosa lover who is going to gym and avoiding their cravings. This multi millet dosa is packed with nutrition and gives you a perfect reason to have a cheat day. Multi millet food tops the list of Indian low calorie food and here is the instant mix for the same to save some effort.

And in case you think this is a boring suggestion, we have instant chutney podi mix which can just add flavour to your multi millet dosa. To get the best out of these mixes, you can make podi dosa roasted in ghee. Needless to mention again, but all this with health under your check. Amazing isn’t it?

Lemon poha with pickles

Now, why stick to south Indian food when you can have a spicy blend from Maharashtra too! Here, we have lemon poha which is unique as well as a healthy option for starting your new year. You can have this poha with any of the pickles listed on our website. If you need a twist, you can chop some cabbage, spring onion, or potatoes and add it to your poha.

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On a brighter side, if you like the poha spicy, you can add our podi mix or Andhra gunpowder to the mix. This will give it a very spicy touch without compromising on your health.

Ragi dosa with groundnut chutney

Ragi dosa is one of the most preferred south Indian food when we talk about low-calorie Indian food. People who are not used to having ragi can combine it with lemon rasam or Andhra gunpowder. But we would recommend groundnut chutney mix with our ragi dosa because it complements the taste and makes it very yummy.

So with all the above combination of south Indian food instant mixes, you might have got some of your own ideas too. We would love it if you share it with us, so start spamming with your creative combination. We hope you liked our suggestion and now it’s time for you to give us feedback on our blogs.

The entire team of The South Indian Store wishes a very happy new year to you and your family. May you stay healthy, creative, and positive throughout the year.

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