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Checkout the new responsive CHECKOUT!!


We are glad to announce that last week we moved to the responsive checkout for our store The South Indian Store. With this upgrade, our mobile users are greatly benefited. We are continuously working on making our website more friendly to our customers. As a step towards this, we incorporated the responsive checkout wherein our users can place an order from any of their mobile devices or tablets. Our payment gateway, website and checkout all are now mobile responsive and hence can handle any screen resolution and gets adjusted to the width of the screen being used.

In India, the use of mobile phones and internet using GPRS has increased dramatically which leaves a lot of scope for eCommerce businesses who can leverage the technology advancement to gain more visitors and increase sales. We are also adapting ourselves to the changing technology and the changing trend. At The South Indian Store, We not only consider delivering quality snacks from South India to our buyers but we also pay a lot of attention towards the user experience.

Stay tuned for more updates and technical advancements that we are going to incorporate on our website in the coming days.

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