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Where to get fresh filter coffee powder online

filter coffee powder

filter coffee powder

What is a filter Coffee?

Filter coffee is the coffee prepared by mixing frothed and boiled milk with finely ground coffee powder in a traditional Indian filter. This is also termed as kaapi in South India. Other names are Madras coffee, Mysore coffee, Mylapore coffee, etc. (Source: Wikipedia)

Filter coffee powder is specially prepared by grinding high quality coffee beans using a traditional grinding mechanism. Sometimes chicory is added to enhance the flavour of the produced coffee powder.

Difference between Filter coffee and Instant coffee

Filter coffee is basically freshly ground powder of coffee beans ready to be used by a coffee making machine whereas instant coffee is a form where the coffee has been already made and dehydrated. Just adding water to it makes a coffee for you. While instant coffee can be easy to prepare and serve, it lacks the aroma and flavour that freshly ground filter coffee has. Filter coffee is the first choice of all the coffee lovers who prefer quality coffee, aroma and taste over quick preparation. (Source: Stackexchange)

Where to get fresh filter coffee

Getting freshly prepared coffee powder if you are not residing in south India is a challenge. You may get branded and packed  coffee powder from your nearest supermarket but what about the freshness? They were prepared in the factory a month or two ago and sealed in an airtight packing. If you want to taste the real filter coffee, you must get it from a South Indian coffee shop where they will grind fresh coffee beans in front of you.

We at The South Indian Store understand the need of our customer and came up with a solution. Only freshly ground filter coffee powder is packed and shipped to our customers. All orders are freshly prepared and packed to maintain the quality and aroma of the coffee.

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