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How Much Do You Really Know About Chocolates ?

Ever since you learned about sweet things, chocolates must have topped most of your food lists. Whatever the flavour maybe, chocolate is something, enjoyed by everyone. Adults, children or old people, nobody likes to miss out on chocolate delicacies. But do you know about different facts related to it? Let’s explore the world of chocolates!!!


Native to Mesoamerica , cacao trees produced chocolate back then. The use of chocolates in fermented beverages have been found, long ago in 350. A series of process related to cultivation was done to produce different products.

After pollination, the seeds of the cacao tree form a sheath which eventually produces dark colored beans. The seeds are bitter in taste and according to historians, it was fermented and served as an alcoholic beverage. Yup, it was mainly a beverage with no sign of sugar content. Tough to believe, right?

Cacao beans

There are historical evidence of use of the cacao tree in the Olmec and mayan culture as well. Also, the Latin name of the cacao tree, Theobroma cacao means “Food of the gods”. Wow!

The cocoa beans are dry and fermented beans made from cacao tree. They are the basic ingredient in the sweet preparation called chocolate.

Sweetened chocolates came into use due to Europeans. Chocolate became a fashionable drink in Europe by 17th century. People also considered it as a nutritional and medicinal drink.

But, Joseph Fry is known to create the first ever chocolate bar in 1847. By 1868, a small company called Cadbury begin to make and sell small boxes of chocolate candies, across England.

Later, Nestle joined the marketing with the production of milk chocolate. Now, there are so many companies with their own version of chocolates.

Current Scenario

In today’s world, over two-third of the world’s cocoa production takes place in West Africa. Ghana and Nigeria are some of the top most cocoa producing countries in the world. Our generation has proven to be the most consuming one. There are so many things one can make from chocolates .


Basically, a “chocolate revolution” is going on currently all over the globe. Every country, every kitchen has it own way of using chocolates. Candies, bars, rolls, there are so many options!

Dark Chocolates

It is a form of chocolate which contains more content of cocoa solids and cocoa butter. There are nearly no amount of dairy products present in this one.

Dark Chocolate

They are bitter in taste and come in the category of superfoods. This is because they have several health benefits like:

  • Boosts psychological health.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Excellent source of antioxidants.
  • Known to treat coughs.
  • Make the immune system strong.
  • Improves mood and relaxes mind.
  • Improves brain function and sharpens memory.

Dark almond chocolate

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White Chocolate

Made of mostly milk products and cocoa butter, white chocolate is more sweet in taste. It mainly consists of vanilla extract and appears to be pale yellow in color. While some consider it as a chocolate, there are few who don’t. This is because it is basically doesn’t contain any cocoa powder.

White Chocolate

Like the dark one, white chocolate also has some health benefits. They are:

  • Decreases bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.
  • Good for blood vessels and increases blood flow.
  • Serves as an antiobioan for patients suffering from Sepsis.
  • According to a study, it also helps to lose weight.
  • Can cure migraine and other types of headache.

Tasty to the tongue and healthy for the body, such a wonderful combination. No wonder, we can’t get enough of it. Let me know your favourite chocolate story in the comment section and don’t forget to try the tasty Ooty chocolate!

Healthy And Stay Healthy!

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