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Why We Love Ooty Chocolates ( And You Should Too!)

Ever been to ooty? If yes, you know what they’re famous for. If not, you read till the end. Keep the big companies aside and find out about our very traditional chocolate preparation in the southern part of the country. Ooty Chocolates are yummy and a must try for every person with a sweet tooth. If you have not tried the delicious Ooty Chocolates, then this blog is for you. Let’s begin!

About Ooty Chocolates

During British time, the preparation of chocolates began and till now they have maintained it. Rich cocoa with delicious nuts, Ooty chocolates are simply irresistible. If you really love chocolate, then you should definitely give it a try. Made from the finest of products, the authentic flavours come alive in every bite.

Ooty Chocolates

Moddy’s Ooty Chocolates

Started by Mr Janardhan Rao in the year 1951, these chocolates are considered the best across the nation. Moddy’s provide yummy taste along with several varieties. They are mainly known for the use of rich dark chocolate.

Dark Almond Chocolate

Dark chocolate Benefits

Dark chocolate has several proven health benefits, but too much of it can make you gain high calories. According to experts the advised dosage of dark chocolate per day is 1-2 ounces or 30-60g. Let us find out how dark chocolate is amazingly beneficial for our hairs and skin.


  • It helps in skin detoxification along with caffeine. It removes the dead cells from the skin.
  •  Helps the skin to glow and look beautiful.
  • Keeps the skin moist.
  • Helps in getting a clean and clear complexion.
  • It prevents the skin from sunburn.
  • Repairs dry skin

Removes wrinkles and fine lines.Dark chocolate


  • Very effective in reducing hair loss.
  • Helps to increase hair volume.
  • Prevents infection related to scalp.
  • Makes the hair healthy and stronger.

Variety Of Moddy’s Chocolates

1. Ooty Almond Crunch Chocolate – Rich chocolate mixed with roasted almond and crunchies.

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2. Ooty Dark Almond Chocolate – Rich dark chocolate with roasted yummy almonds.

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3. Ooty Fruit And Nut Chocolate – Rich chocolate mixed with yummy fruits and nuts

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4. Ooty Milk Crunch Chocolate – Rich milk chocolate with delicious crunchies.

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Milk Crunch Chocolate

I am pretty sure you are excited to try all these delicious chocolate varieties. I promise you won’t regret trying them. Place an order for your favourite chocolate and we will bring them at your door steps. Tell me your experience of ooty chocolate in the comment section.

Stay Happy And Healthy!

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