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5 Jackfruit recipes and health benefits you must know

We have seen a lot of diversity when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Each of them has their own significance and plays a vital role in regulating our metabolism. Let us shift our focus towards one of the largest fruits known in the world i.e. Jackfruit. It is also known as Kathal in Hindi or Pazhapalam in Tamil.

Jackfruit has a significant role to play in Indian agriculture because it was grown even 60 centuries ago. Also, it has a relishing taste and a remarkable texture due to which it is called as vegetarian meat also. After cooking, it has little bit meat like consistency on chewing.

Jackfruit nutrition value


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It is rich in water content and has a very minimal value of fat. Jackfruit is rich in carbohydrates, protein, and provides an adequate amount of vitamin B6 and vitamin C to the human body. When you look at the mineral content of jackfruit, it has potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium which perfectly maintain the ionic balance of our body.

As far as its availability is concerned, it is readily available in coastal areas and also all the tropical countries. It is the national fruit of Bangladesh. Also, jackfruit is considered as an auspicious fruit besides banana and mango in Kerala and Tamilnadu.

Common and healthy Jackfruit recipes

Here are some of the easiest recipes that you can try without any difficulties at your home. Check them out!

Ripened jackfruit

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This is commonly available in the market for an extremely nominal price. It is sweet to taste and has rich aroma that you will love. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Consuming one piece on daily basis will enrich your body with sufficient nutrition.

Jackfruit chips

These are one of the most famous south Indian snacks. One can order jackfruit chips online or get them from a shop nearby. It is crunchy and little bit hard to eat, but tastes perfect. You eat one ounce of it everyday as a snack and it will be good for your health.

Jackfruit gravy

You can cook it like any other vegetable curry in the gravy form. Boil the jackfruit and marinate it in oil and dried spices. Then prepare the usual gravy with onion, tomato and authentic spices. Add the marinated jackfruit in it and allow it to cook for 20 minutes. You can have it with chapati or rice.

Jackfruit pickle

The most favorite of all is pickle made from jackfruit. It is a usual process where you put all kinds of spices, oil, and marinate the jackfruit cubes with it. Allow it to ferment and absorb all the flavors under sunlight for few months. It can be consumed with any kind of bread, rice, or as a side dish enhancer.

Jackfruit fries / Pakoda

This is a unique but very simple and easy dish which you can try at home. When you take out the seed and its fruit, the remaining fibrous pulp is considered of no use. But you are wrong! You can take that string like pulp, soak it in water for 30 minutes, and marinate it with dry spices. Now you can mix it with chickpea flour and deep fry in olive oil. This is a very yummy snack and is also very healthy.


Health benefits of jackfruit

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After going through the nutritional value and quick recipes of jackfruit, let us explore its health benefits. Many of us tend to underestimate the goodness hidden in jackfruit. But when you genuinely ponder upon its advantages, you will be amazed! Check this out!


Jackfruit has one of the best antioxidants which can protect your body from any harmful reactions. It is like a natural reservoir of vitamin C that acts as a wonderful antioxidant. It slowly enhances your immunity and keeps you safe from infections and mild diseases.

Healthy digestion

As we already mentioned that jackfruit has a fibrous pulp, there is no doubt about it being helpful for digestion. The remarkable amount of roughage helps in assimilation and absorption, while the remaining waste is easily excreted outside the body. Hence, it prevents constipation and improves your appetite over a period of time.

Prevents colon cancer and piles

Because of its magical assistance in digestive system, the amount of harmful microbes and virus reduces. Hence, it significantly lowers the risk of colon cancer and also improves the problems arising due to piles. They are responsible for softening up your stool and making it easy to pass through the tract.

Protects eyes

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The vitamin A content of jackfruit is extremely beneficial for your eyes. It maintains the jelly-like vitreous chamber and nourishes its mucous content. It keeps your eyes safe from bacterial and viral infections.

Aging and wrinkles

Due to antioxidant properties, it prevents ageing and its effects on the skin. The vitamin C and vitamin A maintains the glow of the skin for a longer period of time. Also, the vitamin B6 keeps the skin healthy and safe from any skin infections or allergic response.


Apart from this, jackfruit helps in lot more areas such as recovering the lack of red blood cells, prevent asthma symptoms and retaining the calcium content of bone. When taken in sufficient quantity on regular basis, it keeps the overall system of the human body under control. Hence, it is evident that all the cures and remedies are available to us through natural resources. We just have to realize the true potential of these fruits, vegetables, and ingredients and use them accordingly.

Share your experience and unique recipes related to jackfruit. We would love to go through them. Eat healthily and stay fit!


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