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6 ingredients in plum cake that makes it healthy

Although nobody can get over this delicacy called plum cake, we have always emphasized that too much of anything can lead to problems. Now with that comes a lot of opinion about cakes and bakery products including this one. People generally feel that any type of cake is rich in fats and is high in calories. Well! That is not true for all of them. Have you ever tried doing some casual research on plum cakes? Not yet?


We have made an effort to list out the ingredients which makes plum cake a healthy dessert. And, if you consume it in small quantities, it will only deliver beneficial nutrients to your body. So without any delay, let us explore the health quotient of our very favourite, plum cake!


Refined flour

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All-purpose refined flour and bakers have a relationship that can last forever. But, the only missing factor in this is endosperm of wheat. This makes it slightly lesser nutritional as compared to other normal flours. But, when you have low blood pressure and low sugar levels, refined flour can be very good regulators to balance them. However, using all purpose flour and wheat flour in 1:1 ratio will increase the benefits.


Dry Fruits

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It would be very offensive act if we talked about plum cake without mentioning the dry fruits contained in it! So here we are, talking nuts and raisins. It not only gives a crunchy texture but also enhances the taste and nutrient value. Plum cakes were initially all about plums but later on, other dry fruits got hired to make it tastier. If you didn’t know, plums have no fat in them and reabsorb the iron from the food into the body. Also, it is rich in vitamin C.

Considering other dry fruits like fig, raisins, cashew, almonds, and walnuts, it is a condensed form of immense energy. They have magnesium, potassium, calcium, vitamin E, iron, and much more. Also, there is good cholesterol contained in these dry fruits. So next time you find a plum cake loaded with dry fruits, do not hesitate to eat one!


Egg /Banana

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Eggs or bananas are one of the best building blocks for a cake which holds the dough together while baking. These are also rich in protein and potassium respectively. Vegans can go for bananas and rest of them can have egg as their binding agent. Although we use it in small quantity, it does add some nutritional value to a plum cake. Did you know that egg is a wonderful cure for all your skin and hair related ailments? And also banana helps in building up your muscle. So, do not forget to add these ingredients to your homemade plum cake.


Cinnamon powder

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Well, if you didn’t know that plum cake had this too, then it is high time to start reading. How do you think the soothing spicy flavour is engraved into plum cakes? Yeah, cinnamon powder, of course! And no wonder about its health benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, anti analgesic, and what not! If you closely look into plum cake recipes, you will find a pro tip asking you to add a pinch or two of cinnamon powder. Also, cinnamon is a wonderful anti-oxidant which prevents the accumulation of free radicals in your body.


Cocoa Powder

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When you get plum cake online, you will experience a perfect blend of cocoa powder, cinnamon powder, and essence. Apart from its wonderful flavour and cocoa content, it helps in maintaining blood circulation of the body. Further, it reduces the ailments caused due to circulatory system issues such as thickening of blood, heart valve problems, etc. It is also low in calorie as compared to other alternatives and also makes the plum cake even tastier. Hence, we have got all the reasons to eat plum cake without worrying about health.


Brown sugar

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No wonder about this ingredient, but we can’t take it for granted. Brown sugar is way better ingredient as compared to white sugar. The manufacturing processes of the two are quite different which also makes the previous one healthier. Apart from the sugar rush, it also adds certain useful minerals in your body. Foodies who are more concerned about their health can directly opt for castor sugar. It may turn out to be little difficult to melt castor sugar in a smooth batter of plum cake but health is wealth. If you are getting even one ingredient which makes difference in the nutrient content, you must go for it.


Therefore, in the light of all the above-mentioned facts about ingredients used in plum cake, we can certainly have a sigh of relief. For all those who have preconceived thought that cakes and bakery items can only add calories, it is time to break the bubble. Of all the cakes loaded with icing and high-calorie ingredients, the plum cake still remains healthiest. One cannot ignore the lightness and richness of this cake because it is worth the appreciation. Move ahead and treat yourself to this masterpiece.

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