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6 Reasons you should be talking about plum cake by now

It is just a little more than a month for Christmas to arrive. People have already started playing secret Santa games with their friends. How can we not talk about plum cake by now? It has been the most awaited element of Christmas and one can smell the aroma of plum cake while crossing the confectionery store. So, to help you with Christmas preparations here is a briefing about why and how of this delicacy. Take a look!


Because it’s in history of Christmas

Christmas cake

Christmas has always been a festival full of joy. One cannot imagine Christmas without lots of snacks, sweets, and of course overwhelming meal throughout the festive season. I don’t know how true it is in present, but late in 15th century, it was a custom to do fasting before Christmas Eve. They had a belief that fasting would make your stomach ready for the delicacies you will have for Christmas. It enhances the experience of eating Christmas specials when you have fasted for several days. So, it is high time you should start dreaming about how tasty or perfect your plum cake will be.


Evolution of plum cake is worth remembering

Plum cake recipe

Well, just like us even plum cake had an old school ancestor from which it has evolved. Earlier, to keep the stomach in line after fasting, people consumed porridge as a healthy treat. Later on, they improvised it by adding some dry fruits and honey. After few days, oatmeal was eliminated from the same and wheat flour along with eggs and butter were included. The main motive was to have a settled texture and better taste. And then, the plum cake was created by adding plums, baking powder, and essence in the mixture. It has gradually transformed into a cake and we must thank all those creative heads who took initiative to make it better.


When will you start shopping?

Yes, we want you to talk about plum cake already because, why not? If not now, when? The days will pass quickly and you will still be wondering about what to get for this Christmas. Since the plum cake is one of the most important elements of this festival, you should start making plans about it from today onwards. To avoid last minute rush and sale, you must look for plum cake online from today onwards. So make up the list, set a budget, and grab your deals at the earliest.


Secret Santa gifts

plum cake

The game of secret Santa is so common these days. People find the best ways to surprise their Christmas child. So why not gift them a delicious plum cake instead of something usual. Find all your friends who are a great fan of plum cake and gift them this delicacy along with a funny message on it. Make Christmas memorable for your loved ones, friends, and family.


You should start thinking of new stuff to do with plum cake

plum cake recipe

What’s new for this Christmas? No idea? Let us give you a small hint of it! Instead of having plum cake in same old usual form, you can recreate it. Well, that would require some creative thinking and that is why we want you to start the preparations. Think of an exclusive Christmas plum cake recipe and share your experience with us. And in case you run out of ideas, we will come up with a small surprise on a plum cake in our upcoming blogs. So stay tuned.


One cannot afford to miss it

In case you know very little about plum cake, then you are missing out something very amazing. Earlier, plum cake used to be like a loaf of bread with some dry fruits dropped on top of it. But now things have changed drastically. Present day Christmas plum cakes have a good amount of roasted dry fruits and chocolate flavour too. You can find the authentic sun-dried plums in between which tastes amazing. Some sugar icing on top of the cake along with a cherry will elevate the experience like never before.


Therefore, wishing you a happy preparation for your Merry Christmas in advance and hoping to amuse you with some amazing new arrivals. However, just in case you are not a very big fan of plum cake, you can start your savouries shopping as early as possible.

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