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6 South Indian filter coffee dessert recipes that you can make with no extra efforts

The aroma of freshly ground coffee is something that can bring anyone to the table. So why not experiment a bit with coffee desserts this valentine’s day! All it needs is deadly combination of South Indian filter coffee and a little bit of your creativity. Also, we are always ready to help you explore the recipes from filter coffee. So here, is the real deal of this blog! You are getting 6 amazingly curated recipes from filter coffee that will blow your mind. Go ahead with this blog and you will have some fabulous ideas of South Indian filter coffee desserts.


Coffee thick shake

South Indian filter coffee

Who doesn’t like milk shake which has a touch of cocoa? It will be great if it was a little to drink and a little to eat! Yes, I mean thick shake! It is one of the best South Indian filter coffee desserts which you can make on a sunny day and serve to your loved ones, friends, or kids. All you have to do is mix South Indian filter coffee in warm water and prepare a thick decoction like paste. Now, add bananas, peanut butter and one scoop of vanilla ice cream. Mix them at minimum speed in the mixer and slowly add South Indian filter coffee mix to it.

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You will see a thick and dense, yummy texture developing slowly. Now, you can serve it with some whipped cream or just few sliced cherries. The king of all South Indian filter coffee desserts is prepared and you will love it.


Caramel Coffee Candy


We have had a lot of caramelized desserts but let’s experiment with some coffee desserts too. The South Indian filter coffee is one of the most flavoured forms of coffee you will find in India. Hence, this is the right option for you to prepare any type of coffee desserts. For this recipe from South Indian filter coffee, you will need heavy cream. Melt some brown sugar in pan with few sprinkles of water. Now, add heavy cream and mix it with melted sugar swiftly. While the caramel is still hot and in liquid form, add South Indian filter coffee’s thick paste over it and mix it. Make sure you do not add too much sugar, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the taste of South Indian filter coffee desserts in its purest forms.


Coffee cake

filter coffee

This might seem very easy to make and it absolutely is. However, these South Indian coffee desserts are not very commonly discussed or known to people. Hence, we have researched these coffee desserts a lot to provide the best and unique recipes from filter coffee to you. For this recipe from coffee, you have to prepare a loaf of normal chocolate cake with sugar content in it. Now, add South Indian filter coffee paste into the whipped cream and mix it lightly. Make sure you do not add sugar to this whipped cream and only then you will be able to enjoy this to the fullest. Divide your loaf into three or four layers and do the frosting using this cream. Top it with non sweetened cherries and you will love this unique recipe from South Indian filter coffee.

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Coffee loaf


We have discussed about adding chunks of South Indian filter coffee grains into your bread loaf, and this one is just yummier version of the same. You have to prepare the batter of normal vanilla cake with brown sugar instead of sugar dust in it. Now, you have to add South Indian filter coffee paste into the batter and bake it for 20 to 25 minutes. You will welcome a fresh and most aromatic coffee loaf of your life. This is our favourite recipe from South Indian filter coffee because it has a unique flavour in it.


Coffee cheese cake

South Indian filter coffee

We have seen different versions of coffee cake as well as cheese cake, but here is the most unique one. You have to prepare ground base made up of pure coffee cookies. If you need a better taste, you mix butter, brown sugar, and arrowroot biscuits crushed with filter coffee grains. Now you can level the base and freeze it for some time. Just prepare the gel like layer of cheesy consistency by mixing South Indian filter coffee paste with the batter and pour it. Freeze it for some time and you are ready to go with these wonderful coffee desserts.


Pure coffee brownies


This is another level of craziness for coffee desserts. You can use South Indian filter coffee paste instead of cocoa powder. Mix everything using the filter coffee paste and you will love the consistency. Also, in order to add coarse texture to the dessert you can add some South Indian filter coffee grains. This will turn out to be one of the best desserts if you serve it with ice cream. Piping hot freshly baked brownies are just perfect when the aroma of coffee is oozing out from it continuously.

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Now, that you know these 6 amazing recipes from South Indian filter coffee, this is the right time to get started! Why to wait for valentine’s day? Get your own pack of authentic South Indian filter coffee and start playing with your culinary skills. Also, feel free to let us know about any suggestions regarding our blogs or these recipes. We are always eager to take your advice and serve you with best content.


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