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8 Easy to make diabetic desserts from South Indian filter coffee that are low on carb content

The higher there is a restriction of desserts for diabetic patients, the more you see them demanding for one. And sometimes, it is really difficult to tell them not to eat something while everyone else is enjoying the sweets. So, here we have something very special for diabetics made of South Indian filter coffee. These are 8 yummy as well as healthy desserts made of South Indian filter coffee which are diabetic friendly.


Is South Indian filter coffee good for diabetics?

As per a research conducted at Harvard in 2014, over 100,000 people were observed and studied who consumed coffee. It was concluded that people who had added an extra cup of coffee in their daily routine had 11% lower chances of suffering from type 2 diabetes.

South Indian filter coffee

Also, it was found that people who reduced a cup of coffee from their daily routine were 17% more prone to the risk of diabetes. Clearly, the caffeine content in the coffee helps you to be on safer side.  And the South Indian filter coffee that we have for you is the most authentic and brings backs the flavours from three decades ago.

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8 Diabetic friendly dessert from South Indian filter coffee


Ragi crepe with chocolaty spread

A very healthy option for ragi lovers because it comes with a combination of chocolaty flavour. Just make a batter of overnight soaked ragi and add some honey for natural sweetening. Now, mix the yoghurt with South Indian filter coffee syrup and make a smooth paste. You can spread it over the thin ragi crepe and make a roll. Also, you can garnish it with dry fruits or berries and it will do no harm to your glucose level.


Avocado brownies

South Indian dessert

Avocados have become a really healthy alternative to almost all the food items. It is one of the most preferred keto element for people who are a huge fan of brownies, chocolates and pies. All you have to do is mix South Indian filter coffee decoction with avocado pulp. Mix a little amount of crushed cookies, oats, and pure dark chocolate with little or no sugar content. Brush the baking tray with some olive oil and pour the thick batter into it. Now, bake it like normal loaf of bread for some time and your yummy brownie is ready. The texture, taste, and aroma seems exactly like the actual brownies.

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Sandwich pies

If you love dry fruits, then this will prove to be the best diabetic dessert made of South Indian filter coffee. Just mix boiled carrots and boiled pumpkins together with South Indian filter coffee decoction. Mix it well and add some ragi along with baking powder. Now, in a pie tray, add small amount of batter and put crushed cry fruits in them. Top it with some more batter and bake! Your crunchy and gooey sandwich pie made of South Indian filter coffee is ready to be attacked.


Coffee soymilk popsicles

This is as simple as you wished a healthy and yummy diabetic dessert to be. All you have to do is mix South Indian filter coffee decoction with soy milk and run it in mixer by adding some brown sugar. You will see a frothy drink is ready which can be consumed as it is. Also, it becomes even better if you add crushed cardamom and freeze it for few hours in popsicle mould. The yummy popsicles will blow your mind during summer and will also quench your thirst for coffee.


Sugar free mousse cake

South Indian filter coffee

This is just one of the most innovative methods that will impress you and make you want to cook it again and again. Boil some carrots and mix it with crushed oats which are soaked in water overnight. Drain the water and mix it with mashed carrots. For some enhancement of taste, you can add chocolate chips in it and also grated dry fruits. Mix South Indian filter coffee with thick yoghurt and add a layer of it in between the layers of carrot and crushed oats.

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Coffee cake bombs

Cake bombs are getting very fancy and there is no reason why diabetics cannot fulfill their cravings. You can prepare ragi crepes and crush them into small chunks. Now, add some South Indian filter coffee decoction along with brown sugar and make balls of the mixture. Let it freeze and soak all the South Indian filter coffee decoction, and then you can dip them into pure dark chocolates and freeze it again. Top it with coconut powder and some canned cherries. It will taste fabulous for parties too!


Faux cheese cake

This is one of the healthiest cheese cake you might have heard of ever. You just have to crush dry fruits, ragi cookies, and add some boiled pumpkin to it. Make a firm layer of cookie and again make a thick mixture of yoghurt and South Indian filter coffee decoction. Spread it on top and freeze. You cheese cake which is yummy but not calorie loaded, is ready to grab.


Chocolate digestive cookie

authentic filter coffee

Make some ragi cookie batter and add South Indian filter coffee decoction instead of water or oil along with crushed oats. Now, you can top it with chocolate chips and these cookies are just ready to be baked. You can crush it into fruit salad if you need a healthier alternative.


So, now that you know all these possible options of diabetic friendly dessert using South Indian filter coffee, we want you to play with them. These are not only fit for diabetes patients, but also useful for those who are going to gym and are on low carb diet strictly. Let us know which one is your favourite and suggest some more to our other readers. Hope you had a great time exploring these recipes!

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