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Introducing The South Indian Store e-wallet

TSIS e-wallet

The team at The South Indian Store is proud to announce the launch of a new feature – The South Indian Store wallet or TSIS wallet. With this feature all our customers can get a bundle of benefits when they shop online with us. Below are some of the key features and benefits that our customers will enjoy going forwards:

1. Cashback on every purchase

Yes, you heard it right. We want to reward our loyal customers and hence we would be more than happy to share a part of our profit with you in the form of cashback. So, next time when you buy something from The South Indian Store, you will automatically get cashback credited to your TSIS wallet.

You get 5% of the transaction amount as cashback upto a maximum of Rs.20 per transaction.

2. Use wallet balance for your next purchase

You can use the cashback received in your wallet to place your next order. Unlike other websites in the same domain, we give you real cash. That means Rs.1 in your TSIS wallet is actually Rs.1 and you can reduce the wallet balance from your total order cost and pay only the remaining through any of the payment method. How awesome is that?

3. Combine discounts with cashback

You will get cashback in your TSIS wallet even if you apply discount codes. That means if you apply the code HIGHFIVE and get a flat 5% discount on your order total, you will still be eligible for cashback in your TSIS wallet. Which reduces your overall cost of the order.

4. Top-up your TSIS wallet

You can top-up your wallet just like you would do any other wallet (e.g- Paytm or airtel money, etc). For example, If you top-up your wallet for Rs.100 through net banking, your wallet will get Rs.100 as balance and the same can be used for your purchase on our website.

5. Your wallet balance is transferable

Consider a situation when you placed an order with us and liked all our awesome products. You then refer one of your friend to our website. Since you already have some cashback in your TSIS wallet, you can transfer it to your friend so that they can redeem that cashback and place their order at a very less price. Another awesome feature. Isn’t it?

Think of a unique way to gift your loved ones. Share your wallet balance as a birthday gift to them so that they can buy their favorite South Indian products from our website. Think of other ways you can utilize the wallet and comment below. We would love to hear it from you.

Try out our products today and get great discounts and cashback. Let us know your experience on our website and the newly implemented e-wallet feature. We are excited to hear back from our awesome customers like you.


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