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10 Days Of Onam – The Grand Celebration Of Kerala!

Onam is just few days away and Malayalis  have begin their preparations for the festival. The states of Kerala celebrates Onam for 10 days. Every year, the whole of Kerala comes together to enjoy this joyful occassion. Let’s find out about the various rituals related to each day of Onam.

1. Atham

This is the first and the most auspicious day of Onam. Firstly, devotees visit Vishnu temple and pray for wellbeing. Then the decoration of house begins. People make Pookalam using colorful varieties of flowers. The grand parade, ‘Athchamayam’ begins on Atham. It is a grand procession that involves depiction of historical and religious characters.

2. Chithira

Similarly, day 2 begins with the addition of more beautiful flowers to the Pookalam. With each passing day, Pookalam increases in size. People plan and arrange things for the coming Onam days. People mostly use flowers of light yellow and orange colors.

Onam Rangoli - Pookalam

3. Chodhi

The 3rd day of Onam is Chodhi. People decorate Attha Poo with designs made using flowers. All necessary stuff for the festival are made available in the markets. Hence, Malayalis visit shops to buy new clothes, accessories and other related stuffs for further celebration.

Market during Onam

4. Visakam

This is the 4th day of Onam. Firstly, people finish their shopping and then indulge in decorative activities. Later, arrangement of items for Onam Sadya begins on this day. Ladies begin to prepare various pickles on Visakam.

5. Anizham

Day 5 is famous due to the magnificent boat race, ‘ Vallamkali’. There are different types of boat races in different parts of the state. Aranmula and Nehru Trophy boat race are a few to name . Thus, this mega sport is a massive event for everyone. People from various regions of the state visit the sport location and enjoy the day.

Onam boat race

6. Thriketa

Day 6 is the most special one. Malayalis living outside of Kerala or India, come back to their homes. All family members and relatives gather together to celebrate the beauty of the festival. Onam unites everyone! People exchange greetings and gifts among each other.

7. Moolam

The 7th day of Onam begins with the making of Kondattam. It is a beautiful design made with different colourful flowers. People finish their last bit of shopping and get excited for the coming days.

8. Pooradam

Day 8 is a holy day where people make idols from clay in the shape of small pyramids. Therefore, the day is also known as Poorada Uttigal. These idols are then placed at the centre of Pookalam.

9. Uthradam

This is the day before the big day. Malayalis begin their grand celebration on day 9. People finish the house decoration. Finally, the grand feast is prepared and served. A breakfast of steamed bananas and pappadam is served.

Kootukari, Inji curry, pulissery and many other delicacies are also eaten by the family members. The grand Puja takes place and the male members of the family create shout voices of joy, known as ‘ Aarppu Vilikkukal’. Do you want to learn various Onam Sadya recipes? Click the link below and start cooking!

Delicious Onam Sadya Recipes!

10. Thiruvonam

The last day is the most important one. It marks the end of a glorious festive celebration. The whole state appears to be at its best. People believe that Mahabali visits Kerala on this day.

Kathakali - Onam dance

Beautiful songs, amazing dance forms and various other cultural aspects become a part of the celebration. Everybody takes part in the grand celebration and lastly, says goodbye to the main festival.

Be healthy and happy this festive season!

A very happy Onam to all, from the whole team of The South Indian Store!

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  1. I have read so many articles on Onam, I wish to join this awesome celebration in Kerala.

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