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6 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Curry Leaves!

Teeny tiny green leaves filled with several health benefits, I am very sure most of you are still unaware of the amazing properties curry leaves hold. Curry trees are mostly grown in India and Sri Lanka and belong to the family rutaceae. It is tropical in origin and produces aromatic leaves. Mostly used to garnish or to enrich the flavor of food, curry leaves are a must in Indian households. It is commonly known as ‘Kadi patta’ across the nation. Let’s explore the amazing properties of curry leaves  which will make you use them for many other reasons other than just flavor. Let’s begin!

curry leaves in idli ans sambar


1.Rich In Anti-oxidants:

According to researchers in India, curry leaves have high content of anti-oxidants. It also contains several vitamins which makes it super healthy for consumption. These properties of kadi patta makes it good for heart health and  helps in preventing certain diseases.

2.Good For Hairs:

Are you suffering from hair fall or any other hair issues ? then, your ultimate savior is here. Kadi patta is believed to be extremely good for hair growth. Curry leaves oil or paste, both can help you prevent hair loss or remove dandruff.

Tip : You can also use kadi patta for grey hairs.

Take some curry leaves and dry them up. Grind them in a mixture to make a fine powder. Add this powder into your regular oil. You can use coconut or olive oil for better results. . Mix it well and apply to your hairs. For best results, use on a regular basis.

curry leaves plant

3.Improves Eyesight:

You already came across the high vitamin content of curry leaves. The presence of vitamin A makes it good for eyes and vision. Deficiency of vitamin A leads to a syndrome called ‘night blindness’. You can protect your vision by eating kadi patta on a regular basis.

4.Improves Skin:

These green leaves help in skin nourishment as well. The paste of curry leaves works best in case of cuts, burns or bites. It improves skin health and gives you clean and clear skin.

5.Your Stomach’s Best Friend:

Whatever your digestive issues are, the answer is curry leaves. They are very popular in Ayurvedic medicine. They improve digestion and are known to cure several digestive disorders. So, next time if you have any stomach issues, sip in some curry leave juice!

curry leaves

6. Lowers Cholesterol:

These green leaves are packed with anti-oxidants which helps to lower the cholesterol level. Anti-oxidants prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, preventing the formation of bad cholesterol.

Curry leaves are packed with so much health benefits, that you must be willing to eat them right away. So, I have a prepared list of yummy recipes where curry leaves are the core ingredient.


1.Curry Leaves Chutney:

Take a blender and add the following ingredients – a cup of curry leaves, a teaspoon of tuar dal, few drops of cooking oil, 3-4 green or dried red chillies, 4-5 cloves of garlic, few mustard seeds, 1/2 inch ginger, a pinch of asafoetida and some salt. Blend them all into a smooth paste and add lemon juice. Serve along with rice or parathas. You can also eat it with pakoras, idli and vada.

curry leaves chutney

2. Curry Leaves Pickle:

Curry leaves and pickle? yeah I know most of you must be wondering how will this taste. So, why wait? Buy our delicious curry leaves pickle now and explore the amazing world of Indian food.

curry leaves pickles

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3.Curry Leaves Pakoda:

This one is going to become your favorite evening snack. Chop some curry leaves and onion in a bowl. Put some ginger and garlic paste. Add besan or chickpea flour along with some salt, turmeric powder and red chilli powder. Slowly add little water and mix nicely. Give random shapes and fry in hot oil. Your yummy pakodas are ready to eat!

I am sure curry leaves are no more just some leaves to you. They have now become the ultimate health pack. Add this amazing leaf into your cooking world and enjoy the benefit it provides.

Stay Happy And Healthy This Season!

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